Glasgow foods | BRGR Giffnock

Heylo, so todays post is a foody one. I'd been the BRGR in the west end recently, and was craving another one of their amazing burgers. As I was staying in the south side I decided to give the Giffnock branch a go. Not gonna lie, the Giffnock branch wasn't as good as the West End version, but it was still so tasty and I'd definitely go back. 
Inside BRGR the decor is really nice, the wall is designed with a cool graphic of foodie related things, along with the wall its got a nice industrial type feel to it. They've got lights made from big metal milk containers. 
We ordered soooo much food, we both got the double bacon cheese burgers with a side of mac and cheese and poutine. It was all soooo good, David and I both love mac and cheese and BRGR's option is amazing! The burgers themselves are so good too, the West end Branch had a juicier burger I felt, but the Giffnock branch still had an amazing offering too. The burgers came with a wee cardboard holder, they're such a smart idea, makes eating a burger so much easier and cleaner. God bless. 
The price for BRGR is amazing, all in this came to about £20! For high quality burgers at a low price, I'd highly recommend BRGR! 


June Goals

Can you believe we're half way through the year already?!? How'd that happen? I thought I'd start doing monthly goal posts, as I find they make a much nicer read that favourites, and you'll always have monthly goals, whereas your favourites might not always change from month to month.
I've had a fairly long break from blogging and I'm definitely going to get back into it properly, but for now  it'll be one or two posts a week till I can ease myself back in. All the uni results for the year are in, I've a lot of studying to over summer, let me be a lesson to you all - study hard in uni and don't leave yourself open to a summer of resits. I've had hem to do every year for the past 4 years tho so why stop now? If anything I'm a consistent failer. 
Anyway, on to my goals for June: 

Since I have exams in August, I'm going to start getting myself organised. There's gonna be not heavy duty studying this month, but little bits here and there just to get me started before the real heavy studying begins in July. 

Get myself to the gym at least twice a week. For awhile there I was very close to doing this, then I was temporarily full time in work so I feel off a bit. Just a small set back, planning to be able to squat and dead lift full sets of my body weight or higher by the end of the month, I'm so close already so I don't see why I wouldn't be able to do this. 

Pay off my debt. So at the end of May I payed my car off in full, so my little baby fiat is 100% mine. Unfortunately my car needed some work done and what with my wage being crap I needed to use my credit card, so June's wage should be good so I'll say good bye to my debt by then. 

Get my hair sorted. This one sounds weird, but I basically ruined my hair big time using the L'Oreal 2 week colour things, basically they never washed out and 4 months later I'm still stuck with a weird green colour in my hair. I then tried to turn the green silver and all that did was make the rest of my hair a weird ginger colour. So basically my hairs taken a battering and I've put off getting it cut for ages because I'm so skint, but needs must so it's time to just bite the bullet I think. 

So there you have it, all my goals for June. They should be easy enough to complete, and since I've said I'm doing them here I must! Need to stay accountable and you beautiful people shall be the ones to keep me on track! 

Till next time! 


A weight loss journey of sorts | losing 25lb in 6 months

Ok, so this is going to be a bit of a different post from usual, as its a health and weightloss related one, but I've come along way in a short space and I wanted to share how I've done it with you all! 
2016 saw me put on a fair bit of weight and for the life of my I could not shift it, I did the healthy eating thing - tracked what I ate, cut out snacks ect and although I lost some weight it was only about 3/4 lb. I yo yo'd between 135 and 137lb for about half a year, for reference I'm just a wee thing at 5'2 high, so this weight did make me look a bit on the chunkier side and I just wasn't happy. My confidence was at an all time low and even though I had a boyfriend at the time I just felt like utter shite, I'm really good at hiding how I feel and putting on a front but honest to god I felt worthless, I was all sunshine and daisies on the outside - but on the inside it was a completely different story. 
The picture above is from June just after I started trying to lose weight, I'm by no means huge or anything, but for someone my height it was too big for me. 
When I started back at uni in September, my friend Jennifer, had told me she was doing weight watchers with her mum. To help her along and to see what it was like I joined with her - both making smart choices in and out of university. 
Weight watchers wasn't actually hard to stick to at all, I could still more or less eat whatever I wanted. The weight fell off me though, and every week I was losing at least 1lb. Up until Christmas I was also doing spinfit like once or twice a week. Even without the exercise though I was still shedding some weight. 
The absolute low of my self worth and confidence came when Connor and I broke up, I'd rather not dwell on the past though as, just over two months on though and I am actually glad for it, because I've come so far since then. And I think a lot of it has to do with joining back at pole fitness, changing my diet even more and realising just how far I've come in such a short space of time. In a year I lost at least 8cm from every part of my body, unfortunately I lost 10cm from my bum, and I'd quite like to get that back. Cause who dont want a peachy bum?
Weight watchers is only one of the two big things that I think helped me get to my goal weight - and actually I surpassed my goal, woo - Protein World is the other thing that I strongly and whole heartily believe that helped me out. I started just by using their chocolate slender blend as a meal replacement as I literally never have time for breakfast. I'd much rather an extra 10 mins in bed than a proper meal. After using that for awhile I decided to try a bunch of their other products, and have so far tried (and loved) the chocolate porridge, fat metabolises, carb blocker and recently the vanilla slender blend. I've recently been trying loads of the recipes they have on their site and have fallen in love with so many of them! They are delicious, fairly low calorie, high in protein and brilliantly low in carbs. 
I now go to pole twice a week and I'm trying for the gym for weights and stuff at least twice a week along side pole. My aim now is to try and tone up and gain some muscle, I know my weight will go up a bit as I put on muscle, so as long as I'm happy with what I see in the mirror then the number on the scale wont really matter. I'm also attempting intermittent fasting to see if it can shift some of the stubborn fat thats been hanging on to me. Pole has given me so much confidence its unreal, I've gotten stronger from it too! Sorting my diet and going to the gym is hopefully going to improve my muscle tone and build my strength a bit more. 
This was quite a wordy post, so apologies, but I don't have loads of pictures from my journey and unfortunately I've no up to date ones. Pole ones are the best I can do, if you're interested in pole fitness then be sure to check out my instagram cause I post a fair few videos of it there! I've still a fair bit to go in my wee journey but I've come so far to only think of how far I've left to go. 


A New Place to Find Gifts | UncommonGoods

Hey everyone, so todays post is all about a pretty amazing site called UncommonGoods, think not on the highstreet but better! UncommonGoods as a company are working to make themselves more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and a rewarding place to work. Everyone that is full time there and even some that are part time are given free health insurance, which for us Brits is something that I think we take for granted. Having access to free health insurance is something I think we in the UK forget about as being such a luxury, and its such an amazing thing that UncommondGoods offer there staff this as part of working for them. 
All the products for sale on UncommonGoods are free from leather, feathers and fur, which is amazing as it means no animals are hurt and are therefore cruelty free. I know so many people that are going cruelty free with their makeup and clothing choices, so its always good to know that the site your on are free from animal byproducts. 
UncommonGoods offer so many different products, from gifts to home ware they've got it all. What with it coming into summer, I thought I'd talk about Wedding gifts and such like, as Summer is wedding time! 
UncommonGoods have a few of these personalised champagne bottles for sale, these would make a perfect Wedding present or even an amazing anniversary present. 
This ones not so much a wedding present, but something that if you're getting married you could use as a lovely way of remembering the date, not that you could forget your wedding day. Theres so many amazing wedding gifts on the site, a similar idea to the one above is this really cool fingerprint guestbook print. They've plenty more options online for wedding gifts too, so theres loads of options for gifts for the lucky bride and groom. Theres even loads of options of Bridesmaid gift ideas too!
These lovely little French Macaron Soap set would be a perfect little gift for your bridesmaids, or even for your macaron obsessed girlfriend, ideal as a part of an anniversary present even. Speaking of anniversary gifts, they've so many Anniversary gift ideas online too! 
Ok, so I don't know about you but this is something I've actually wanted to try for awhile, this Love is Art Kit is fairly reasonably priced and gives you and your partner the ability to create an entirely unique piece of art. I've wanted to make one of these for ages and trust me when I say that I'll be getting David to make a pretty picture with me at some point! 
Another anniversary type present I saw on their site is this lovely little print, I'd love this for my house. Its such a cute print, and would be perfect for the couple that love travelling.
UncommonGoods have so many amazing items on their site, they have a gift for every occasion, and I know for a fact I'll be picking up a few things for my friends birthdays and such like - I'm looking at you macaron soaps!  
What do you think of UnncommonGoods? Do you like the look of the items I've picked out?