TK Maxx Candle Haul

 Hello candle people! After seeing a few people on twitter recently talking about DW Home candles I decided to take a look in TK Maxx after work one day. I found a few that I loved and a few more that I bundled into my arms - I had to leave a fair few behind unfortunately, I'll be back for them eventually, mark my words. 
 I got two candles from DW Home, a large 3 wick candle and a smaller jar. The smaller candle is in the scent Lychee, its housed in a burgundy jar with a rose gold lid. This smells so nice, very fresh and sweet - I'm hoping the scent doesn't disappear while burning. The jar costs £2.99, it doesn't say how long it will burn for but £2.99 for a beautifully scented candle is amazing value. 
The larger jar is in the scent Vanilla Blackberry, its got the same gold lid but the glass jar for this one is an ombre jar. It fades from a yellow, to a deep blue shade. This smells heavenly, its both fresh and fruity and cake-y. A strange mix of things when you think about it, but it smells divine. This jar costs £7.99, and if the £2.99 for the small jar was good value then this is phenomenal. The three wick jar says it has appox. 26 hours of burn time, which doesn't seem like an overly long amount of time for a fairly large candle, but we'll see how long I get out of it.  
 I saw this cool looking candle on the shelf and decided to take it with me - they had a Whisky scented one, this candle is Gin scented and by the brand M of W.G - aka Makers of Wax Goods. This candle is a large glass jar, with a wooden lid. Everything about the candle is perfect, it looks so crisp and grand. Quite rustic looking I think. Scent wise, its crisp and fresh. It'll be perfect for burning if you want a pleasant not overwhelming scent. I'm not sure how much I spent on this candle, the sticker appears to have been ripped off at some point. 
Olivia Blake is the final candle company I bought from. When I saw this I originally thought it was a Jo Malone candle, as the packaging is very very similar. The scent I got is Red Berry and Clove, on the box the scent is described as a rich black cherry with hints of cinnamon with a deep woody amber base. It smells really fresh with a light cherry scent, I think it will smell insane whilst burning. This only cost £5.99 and for what looks like an amazing dupe for Jo Malone candles the price is pretty good too. 
TK Maxx have such an amazing and vast range of candles to pick from, I'm excited to see what other scents I can find in stores over coming months. 

Have you bought any candles from TK Maxx recently? What brands do you recommend I try and find?  


Snow Fairy Candle

For my birthday my amazing best friend spoiled me with so many lovely things - a couple of which will feature here over the next few weeks! But for now we are gonna talk about this delicious smelling candle! 
The candle in question is from Bags of Thought and smells just like Lush's Snow Fairy, hence the candle being called Snow Fairy. Bags of Thought have so many scents, from Chanel to Dior, they have it all. The jars cost £19.99, and are about the same size as a medium Yankee jar.

The Snow Fairy jar smells utterly divine! It smells just like the bottles of snow fairy, as its quite a strong smell even without burning it I thought it would be really strong whilst burning but its quite a soft smell. Its not over powering in anyway shape or form. Its light and sweet, and oh so yummy. 
Caitlyn I praise you for getting me this candle - but also curse you cause now I want to buy more!


AVON | Reed Macaroon Diffuser

This yummy diffuser is another of the gifts Caitlyn gave me, shes a huuuuge candle lover so its no surprise I got a couple of home scents from her. Trying to convince her to start a blog - shes just as beauty obsessed as me! 
I've never had a diffuser, I don't know why I never had one till now, its basically just a candle minus the potential to start a fire. Constant fragrance no hazard.
The diffuser I am now the proud owner of is this beaut lil one from Avon, is smells like cake and if I didn't know better I'd try to eat it. 
The scent is Macaroon, and is maybe the nicest thing I've ever smelt. I've had this sat in the room I blog in for a couple of days now and as soon as I walk in I'm hit with the nicest sweet smell. It is in no way over powering, you will get used to the smell after awhile so dont worry about that (if you are worried about that), but with that in mind if you left the room for a little while and came back to it you'd certainly notice the beautiful aroma again. If you don't like cake-y scents though I'd maybe say this scent is noot for you. 
The design of the product is really simplistic and minimal, but the pink and silver label looks classic and effortless. Even in a really minimal, Scandinavian type home these wouldn't look out of place.
They're super affordable at just £6 and have a few other fragrances - if you're interested in this one though you can find it here.


Arbonne Mini Haul

Hey everyone, so a few months ago I was approached by a consultant for Arbonne and was asked to try some products. I tried a bunch of their skincare and fell in love pretty much instantly, my skin was much clearer, softer and in general nicer looking after just a few days. Shortly after trying the products I was given the chance to join the girl who gave me the samples team, and to be honest I didn't even think about it, I instantly said yes. The products I tried were amazing, and getting a discount through working for them on the products was in itself a huge bonus. 
So I joined officially at the end of September as a consultant, I'm telling you this out of complete transparency - I want you to know that I do work for Arbonne as a consultant ( Imagine me as a Avon lady but y'know for Arbonne instead...) 
So when I put my first order in I bought a few bits of their makeup to try out - cause y'know how much I love my makeup. I also bought my favourite thing from the skincare I tried, and got a free gift too. Lets talk products now, shall we? 
Arbonne Make-up Primer
This primer feels like velvet on the skin, the primer says it minimises the look of fine lines and imperfections - it also helps to keep makeup looking good all day. 
I've tried this once already and it made my skin feel amazing, and I think it did help the foundation also last longer. I wore this with the foundation for about 6 hours before my oily skin started to push through - a little bit of powder though and I think it would have been fixed. 
I'm going to try this out some more and then do a proper review of this, but so far I'm pretty impressed with it. 
Arbonne Foundation
I got the shade porcelain in this foundation and it is a near enough perfect match for my skin, there are 15 shades in this foundation so theres a decent amount of shades to pick from. This foundation held up really well, it only started to look a bit weird after 7 hours, I didn't set the foundation though so it might have held up better if I'd set it - I'll play around and let you know though in a proper review. First impressions though are good. 
Arbonne Eye Makeup Remover
I've yet to try this, so I can't say how effective it is. I don't tend to use eye makeup remover, usually I just take any and all makeup off with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but it might be good to use this first then cleanse properly. 

Arbonne Moisturising Night Cream
For some reason I didn't take a picture of this on its own - so apologies. I never used a night cream before trying the Arbonne one. When Cassie let me try it I fell in love with it instantly, it smells so lovely - sweet and fruity but the scent is all natural - and makes your skin feel so lovely. Just need a new oil controlling day cream and I'll be set! 
Arbonne Intelligence Genius Resurfacing Pads
I got these pads as my free gift for joining, they're pretty pricey not gonna lie. But I've been using these pretty consistently since I got them and I'm so far impressed with these - since using these I honestly feel that my skin is less bumpy and feels so much softer. My breakouts have been minimal too and my pores seem smaller. I'm going to do a more in depth post on these soon but I'm so impressed with these so far and I cant wait to finish using them. 

So thats my haul for now, more hauls from Arbonne will be coming. Have you heard of Arbonne before, what do you think of these products? Any questions on them feel free to ask.