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Summer is almost upon us, so my lovely mum took me out shopping. I gathered a few really nice things from Primark, New look, Boots and Topshop.

Upon another blog of which says going to Primark early is so much better and a hell of a lot more fun, I thought my mum and I could go to Braehead - our biggest local shopping centre - early. I have always hated the crowds, the huge lines at the checkouts, not to mention that all the clothes are thrown everywhere.
I was so happy when we arrived shortly after opening time to a clean, calm and quiet Primark. You're able to stroll around without feeling rushed into buying anything.

I managed to find a few nice things, some of the stuff I had picked up was nice but on me it just didn't suit. In the end i bought a sleeveless collared shirt with metal tips for £12, a Disney Thumper the Rabbit top for £6 and  a pair of lace shorts for £10.
I had been looking for a nice shirt for awhile and was so chuffed when I found this. I have to say I was a little worried that it wouldn't look right when I tried it on as many of this type of shirt that I have tried doesn't suit me and my small height and larger than most peoples chest.
I usually walk out of Primark feeling like it was a waste of time and a drain on my energy, not this time though, i walked out feeling happy at my buys and ready for the next shop.

After a bite to eat we moved on to New look, I don't usually shop here - I'm more of a online shopper - Very.co.uk ect. -  but we went in had a nosey around, my mum picked things up for me that I never usually would have. After trying things on, we managed to whittle out the good, the bad and the ones that sadly didn't fit. I walked out with a pair of Kelly Brook's shorts from the new range for £22.99, a light purple Blazer for £24.99 and a sleeveless bird print shirt for £19.99. I used my Young Scot Card to secure a discount of £6.80 - not much but its better than nothing. 
I was disappointed that their "Ethel Floral Bustier Top" didn't fit round the chest. I really feel that they should make these in sizes for those whom have a larger bust, it was so pretty and was really flattering - I'd advise anyone to go try it on and if it fits buy it!! I'm so jealous of you who can fit into them. 

Moving on, I only got one thing from boots - 17 eye liner pen in Soft Jet, it cost me £3.99 and goes on so perfectly. The final shop of the day was Topshop, I went in with a list of things I wanted to try on, alas they only had a few of the things I was looking for. I got a nail varnish in "Razzmatazz" for £6 (its such a pretty + sparkly colour) and a pair of pink lacy socks for £3.50.

All in all I thought it to be a pretty successful shopping trip, got some nice clothes and spent some quality time with my mum :) 

Sleeveless collared shirt - Primark
Lace shorts - Primark 

Bird print top - New look

Kelly Brook shorts - New Look

Purple Blazer - New Look

Topshop nail polish in Razzmatazz 

pink socks - Topshop

17 eye pen - Boots

I hope you've enjoyed, have you found any nice things from shops recently? 

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