MAC lipstick

Recently I've been wanting to buy a MAC lipstick, but couldn't justify paying £14 for one lipstick. So like all good bargain hunters I set out on a quest for the wondrous land of eBay.  I won two limited edition lipsticks, one Lady Gaga which I snapped up at an amazing £6.50. The colour is sheer plum, and I adore it! It did come without the box, but I saved £7.50 by buying it from the brilliant eBay.

 Swatched it looks like this, it looks a little orange. I would say it has orange under tones but after a while of wearing it, it begins to look more pinky.
I adore darker lip colours, nothing makes me happier than a dark colour.

My other lipstick hasn't arrived yet and I hold very little hope on it ever arriving.
I am hoping to start making youtube videos, and this will probably appear in it. Along with other lovely things from ASOS and Lush.

I look forward to making videos, and hopefully my lovely followers would be interested in watching them.

Thank you again for looking at my blog and if you do click the follow button, thank you 1000x more.

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