Girls Day out Glasgow - Benefit make-up review

I am very very truly sorry for my lack of posts. I wish I had an excuse but I don't.
A few weeks ago my mum and I went to 'The Girls Day Out' in Glasgow. I was seriously overwhelmed as to how busy it was. Despite the overwhelming amounts of people - which certainly didn't help my anxiety - I felt like I was in heaven. Everywhere you looked there was some type of beauty treatment,  jewellery stall or big brand make-up company.
This is the type of place to go if your a beauty, fashion or just general all things girly lover. Oh, you must not forget if you go to make sure and bring LOTS of pennies with you because you will end up spending a hell of a lot.
The first place I dragged my mum to was the Benefit make-up counter. I had my make-up done  by one of their artists, and then somehow managed to convince my mum to buy what they had just plastered all over my face. The beautiful make-up didn't help with my baby faced looks, as people still thought I looked about 13/14 - which isn't what you want to hear when your almost 18!
I'm not one to splash out on make-up, I usually just stick to stuff that doesn't cost much more than £10, so spending £60 on a few things was a whole other experience for me.
As part of the event Benefit were doing 10% off and a free gift bag worth £30 - or something like that.
The products I bought were:

Hello Flawless Foundation
I have to say going from using foundations by Maybelline and Rimmel to this I could certainly see and feel the difference on my skin. I'm not saying that their foundations aren't good but Benefit definitely had one up on them. I suppose, you get what you pay for and for £10 more it is worth it. It has some rather mad claims, they sound a little ridiculous. "Helps to protect against environmental stresses" "Helps to boost cellular respiration for a 'plumping up' effect." I can't say I've noticed that while wear my skin has been better protected from the environmental stresses or that my face looks plump. However, my face does look brighter and healthier. One of the biggest things about this foundation is that any dry skin I have is concealed by this - instead of being highlighted by the foundation catching on the edges of my skin. It contains SPF 25 which is a huge plus as when those summer months come back around I'll be able to get away with wearing my foundation without needing to worry about my face burning, cause that's already been covered. 
At £24.50 it is a little pricey but I feel its worth it, plus you don't need to use much and the design of the bottle means you wont be wasting any of it.

Hervana Blusher
I'm not sure how much I can say about a blusher. I've never been a huge fan of blush, down to the fact I can never find a colour I like. This is a nice colour its not in your face and the pink is pale enough for everyday use, you could also put of a few layers of it if you really wanted a darker colour. Blusher doesn't get me excited and it probably never will and for £23.50, I feel like its a bit of a rip off. Buy a cheaper blusher and save your self some pennies. Sure its nice and yes it lasts but for a blush its a bit over priced.

This is a nice little kit: it contains eye brightener, 3 eye shadows( a base colour, contour shadow and a highlight), a concealer brush and a contour brush. For £24.50 it is a good price, it comes with a step by step guide to making the smokey eye look. I am hopeless with make-up so I tend to do my own thing instead of following the guidelines since I know it wont turn out the way its meant to. However, for the price it is a rather small kit. You could spend £10 more and get the Urban Decay Naked Palette, where you can get 12 colours, a lip gloss and a double sided eye brush. After Christmas I will be picking myself up a Naked 2 palette since I have heard brilliant things about it.

They're real! Mascara
This is only a miniature, as it was a part of my free gift. It's the no.1 selling mascara, not sure why though. I personally don't like it. The brush is stiff and plastic and horrible, it clumps on my eyes and doesn't do much for my lashes.  If your willing to spend £18.50 on a mascara go pick up the YVES Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara for £16.90. This mascara is my baby and if you go online to buy this you get it for an amazing £8.45! It is a much better mascara in my opinion, it makes my lashes look thick, long and healthy. What more do you want in a mascara?

Dandelion Ultra plush Lip Gloss
WOW, a lip gloss that isn't sticky, smells amazing and is a lovely colour. This ticks all the boxes for me, I was given the full size as part of my free gift. This is a nude pink colour and I love it. It smells sweet and refreshing. Its not overly expensive at £13.50 its not much more than other brand lip glosses. Brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel charge around £9 for something that usually is sticky and not worth the money you spent on it - yes ok occasionally you will find something you love that's cheap and brilliant but pay a bit more and you're lips will be in heaven.

Some of what I bought I will most definitely be repurchasing and others will be one of those products that I will just use with out actually enjoying them overly much. 

Thank you for reading this, I will hopefully have a glossy box review up soon. :) 

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