Nivea lip butter review

I had been dying to get my hands on these little tins since I first saw them. One day I finally decided to buy them, and am I glad I did. The Nivea lip butters are truly amazing. They come in different scents, Raspberry Rose, Caramel, Vanilla and the plain original one. I bought the Raspberry and the caramel ones, and boy oh boy do they smell heavenly.
Not only do they smell amazing, they make you lips feel pampered and super soft. I have very dry lips, so I'm in a constant battle to keep them soft and to try keep the flakeyness at bay. This has helped so much!
I use these constantly, I have one by my bed and one always by my side when I go out. 
Out of all the lip balms I have ever bought, so far these are my favourite. They tick all the boxes for me, they smell nice, they actually help my lips, last for a long time (unlike all the chapsticks I have used) and they are affordable.

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