Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Cream

I saw this awhile back and thought, this sounds like a nice wee idea, so naturally I picked one up. I bought the one named 'Shine Be Gone' for oily skin.

I got this for £3.99, this was an introductory price and is normally £5.99.
This moisturiser claims to be "Perfect for combination to oily skin" and is "enriched with Green Tea extract". It also claims to keep skin shine free all day, I cant say that my skin is shine free all day, I would say I'm shine free for around 6 hours.
For the price I wasn't expecting a miracle. I think this works just as well as the moisturiser I use from Morrison's which costs around £2. The only plus side to the Garnier moisturiser is the amazing smell, it just smells so fresh and sweet, lovely when you put it on in the morning. It may just not have been right for my skin since my skin is overly oily, if you have slightly oily skin this may be appropriate for you.
For the price its not a bad moisturiser but I'm in the market for something to battle my seriously oily skin.


  1. Just found your blog and am reading through all your posts, love it haha! I had this moisturiser and I hated it! I don't know why but it just didn't work for me.

    1. Thank you so much!:)
      It's definitely not for oily skin! I used it at night time just so I finished using it - I hate wasting things haha


  2. I have very oily skin as well and picked this moisturiser up the other day hoping it might work well. I haven't heard great reviews though so I'm not sure whether it's even worth trying. It's so hard to find a moisturiser for v.oily skin types...let me know if you find a miracle worker :)


    1. The simple kind to skin one is ok for oily skin, I'm really hoping to one day find the miracle product though! I'm trying the La Roche Posay efficlar due next, so hopefully that will be good! :D


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