Nip+Fab Oily Skin Fix Review

I've been looking for something to help my skin, as it is extremely oily, and for awhile I thought I was never going to find something that was affordable. Finally I found something that does the job, Nip+Fab are now my new best friends.
The Oily Skin Fix set is heavenly, if my skin wasn't quite so oily I'm pretty sure this would have been the single best thing to ever happen to me.
The kit contains 3 things; a facial cleansing wash, a moisturiser and a spot gel.
Clean Fix Gel is described as "a deep cleansing and purifying foaming formula for super clean skin." This makes my skin feel really clean, I've used lots of facial washes before and most make my skin feel very tight or don't give a good enough clean - so my skin ends up pretty drap and quite a wee bit unhealthy (by unhealthy I mean oily, blackheads and spots). Since using this my skin hasn't been nearly as spotty and my skin goes longer without becoming oiler than a frying pan.
To help with this the Shine Fix helps keep my oily skin at bay. I even apply this later in the day over my make-up if my face is getting overly oily. Nip+Fab say this =has "microsponges" in it that "target and prevent shine". This is also meant to be a black head buster, but I can't say I've noticed my blackheads disappearing. For an affordable moisturiser it works wonders, and I was overly impressed with it. Since I hadn't yet found an affordable/ drug store this was a little god send. I would say that since it is a tiny tube I will still be on the hunt for something bigger, maybe even on the pricier side, but in the mean time I will definitely re-purchase Shine Fix.
The final part of the kit is the Spot Fix, I haven't yet tried this out since I'm in love with my Freede

rm spot gel. But if the rest of the kit is anything to go by then this spot gel will be amazing. It contains salicylic acid which is brilliant for tackling spots. And I think I will be switching from Freederm to this as, Freederm, as far as I am aware, does not contain salicylic acid. 

  Nip+Fab were certainly right when they say this is a 'cult classic' I will certainly be picking another one of these sets up, at £15.95 full price or £7.50 from ASOS. I highly recommend this set to anyone that has oily skin. 


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