No7 Beautiful Skin Cleaning Brush

I've been wanting to get a Clarisonic for awhile, but couldn't justify the £100+ price tag that came with it. Over a hundred pounds to wash my face?! WHAT THE HECK? Not going to lie, if I had the money for it I would go and buy myself one. But alas I don't have that kind of moolah. There is now, however, an alternative to the Clarisonic! 
The lovely people from No7 have brought out their very own version and I am so super duper happy. This cleansing brush is amazing. It gives such a deep clean and after using it I feel that my skin is as soft as a babies bum. And who doesn't want to have a face that feels as soft as a baby? 
 This little battery powered cleaner has two different speed settings, to give an even deeper clean. You can use this with any facial wash. However, some face washes work better with this than others. Washes that foam up more than others I feel are the best ones to use, or at least that is how I feel.
 The brushes are cheap to replace as they only cost £8 for 2 brushes. You are supposed to change the brush every 3-4 months, I've had mine for a little while but I've not used it very often so may not change it as soon as 4 months.
The only downside to this, I would say, is that it isn't waterproof. I have to be really careful with this when I use it since I can't just shove it in the water. This does make cleaning the brush after ward a little tricky.
I wouldn't say that it is a HUGE downfall to the product. And since the price is so good can we really complain? The cleansing brush is £24. 95 to buy from boots, and this is just a fraction of the price of the Clarisonic. If your wanting the Clarisonic, I would suggest you give the No7 one a go first.

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