Kleenex Facial Cloths & Make-up Wipes

I've seen these around for quite awhile and was always curious as to what they were like, and how well they worked. 
The Kleenex facial cloths are massive, they are seriously huge. I'm able to take off all my make up with one of these - cleanse, remove eye make-up and tone - this is really cool, or at least for me it is, especially when I use 3 or 4 cotton wool pads normally.
The wipes are really wet, which may seem odd to mention but I've experienced wipes in the past that were quite dry and didn't take my eye make-up off very well. A small rub of my eyes removes all the make-up on my eyes and one wipe is enough for both eyes.
Overall I am really impressed with the Kleenex range and I am very impressed with these. I am really happy I picked these up, the facial cloths are £1.99 from most shops, but I think you can pick them up from Home Bargains for less that £1. You can also pick up the eye make-up removal wipes for £2.99. Later I hope to pick up the facial wipes since the rest of the range has impressed me.


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