Max Factor | Glide & Define Liquid Eyeliner

I've been on the hunt for a good eyeliner, one of the pen style ones. I'd had a few that were ok at first but soon dried out and became pretty crappy. I had never bought anything from Max Factor before, but thought that they were a really good brand so they would have a really good one. My hopes were high. There I sat giddy with anticipation. And when I had applied it I was grinning for ear to ear. I had applied winged eyeliner and it looked fab. I put it down to being the eyeliner - not that I had changed how I did it.
For awhile I thought I had found the perfect liner. Alas, I soon found that I was still on the hunt. Just like the rest it had begun to dry out and the colour had started to look more grey than black. Occasionally it works like a dream, just like the first time I applied it. Other times it looks like I've had it for many many years.
Overall, I'm pretty disappointed, my hopes were so high for this. In boots you can pick this up for £6.99. Maybe it was just my one that is a bit on the dry side, I'm quite sad that this isn't what I hoped it would be, especially since the first time I used it was so amazing.


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