Maybelline | The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

Maybelline mascaras are always talked of rather fondly, or at least I think they are. In the past I have found them OK, nothing special. But a few months ago they brought out "The Rocket" and I adore this! I don't usually switch from mascaras, but when I find one I like more I completely forget about the other ones I own. This was certainly the case with this mascara. I used to use YVES Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara, and I think I bought two or three tubes of it, safe to say I loved it, but after using the Rocket I put sexy pulp to the back of my drawer.
 The Rocket gives amazing volume to your lashes, doesn't clump and makes your lashes look super long. What more could you ask for in a mascara? Oh, I know what else you could want from a fantabulous mascara. It to be affordable! And of course it is, it is £7.99 full price, but you can often get it at a lower price at boots.
When I first saw the wand I was a little sceptical, the bristles looked small and not like they would catch your lashes. How wrong I was, they grab your lashes and don't let go till they look heavenly. The Rocket fell from heaven and landed in stores to save our lashes and out bank accounts. 
The Rocket is the most wonderful mascara, its everything I could ask for - and more.

Have you tried this yet? Or have you got a mascara that you simply couldn't live without?


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