Sleek Contour Palette

I've seen people all over YouTube talk about Sleek make-up and was always really interested in trying it out for myself.  I was overly impressed with all the products they had, and I had to restrain myself from buying everything in sight. I bought the contour kit, since I was in need of a highlighter and that had one in it.

For £9.99 this is a total steal, bargain or however else you want to say cheap for what you get. I think the highlight of the product is the blush and the highlighter. I would probably say the contour powder is brilliant as well, but I'm terrified to use it, just in case I turn myself brown, looking like I've smeared mud all over my face.

The palette has a huge mirror in it, which would be perfect to take in a make-up bag. The pigmentation of the products is pretty good, the blush is the most amazing colour.

The blush is a beautiful pinky/red with a lot of gold through it, it looks beautiful on. It makes you look very glowy and healthy. The highlight is a lovely champagne colour, it looks amazing under the brow bone and on top of the cheek bone. The contour colour now that I've swatched it doesn't seem as scary as it looks in the palette. I think I'm going to play about with it a bit and see if I can become friends with it.

I really like this palette for the price you get so much and it is very high quality. I'm really wanting to try other things by Sleek, if you have any ideas on what I should try next then please leave it in the comments I would love to know what products you like. :)

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