Makeup Bags

Considering I am only one person, and I never travel or take make-up further from my vanity than a few steps I see to have a fair few make-up bags. I don't even use make-up bags to house my make-up, it sits looking pretty in little drawers or displayed on my dresser. So why do I have not one, not even two, but FIVE make-up bags.
Who needs that many make-up bags? I'll tell you no one. Not even the most well travelled person needs five. One or two, maybe. But never five. There are few things I collect, I really should say gather or hoard, and one of those things I seem to have taken to gathering - like a squirrel preparing for winter - are make-up bags.
When I buy a new bag I tell myself it'll help me take make-up with me for touch ups and stuff like that. But do I take them out of my room, no I don't. I never used to have this problem. When I turned 17, my addiction to make-up bags started. I was quite content with my massive Avon make-up bag - I'm pretty sure I've had it since I was 10 - but after getting another year older something inside my brain snapped, I became obsessed with make-up bags. Different designs, sizes and colours. My little "collection" used to be a heck of a lot bigger, but I managed to shrift some of them off to my mum - she happily accepted them.
I acknowledge that I have a problem, despite this I currently have two, if not three, make-up bags on my to buy list. One of these is one from Whistles and another from Ted Baker.

One of the make-up bags I use most is one I got in company magazine not to long ago. Its small, I more so use it as a bedside keep together thing. And by that I mean, anything I need or like having cosmetic/ health wise I keep in the little bag. For example I keep my inhaler and lip balm, just in case of a serious dry lip emergency and the less serious can't breath situation. The zip pocket at the front is brilliant for me to store any medication and pain killers I have lying around. Its the perfect size for me to keep my bed side table quite tidy.

One year for Christmas many a year ago my mum and dad gave me a make-up bag full of make-up, the first ever bits I was given, I still have the bag and if I were going to travel this would be the bag I'd be most likely to take. Its big enough to fit most of my make-up, if not all, and its quite nice to look at. It has a pocket at the front of it, its not very deep and doesn't zip shut or anything so it seems a little pointless, but none the less I still love it.  It has seen better days, the inside lining is a little make-up stained, but that just shows its been loved.

At Christmas my friend gave me a Ted Baker gift set, which came with a clear make-up bag. I have never used it and I'm not sure I ever will. The set itself was nice, I'm a sucker for gifts with their own bags. Its a nice little bag if your a fan of clear ones, I myself like to have everything hidden away since I know everything would be dirty and covered in make-up. For the lover of clear make-up bags this would be perfect, if I was a little tidier then I may want to use it, since it is pretty cute.

My Next Lipstick bag was a complete impulse buy, I saw it on eBay and instantly put a bid in for it. I won it and when it arrived realised I didn't even really want it. The bag is an odd shape, and it doesn't really stand up when you leave it alone. I should probably try to control my buying urges, and steal clear of eBay.

My absolute favourite make-up bag is one I bought around the same time that I got the one from Next. This one I was convinced I would use, and I think this is probably my favourite bag. I love the scalloped detailing and the dark blue colour. I think this bag could easily double up as a clutch on a night out - not that I ever go out, but you know if I did I could use this one.

Do you collect make-up bags? Or do you collect something else?


  1. I love the scalloped blue bag!! It's adorable! I have sooo many makeup bags from Ipsy. It's insane. Nice post! xo


    1. Thank you! :)
      Its crazy how many makeup bags I have, I never use them. I think everyone has that one thing they have loads of :P


  2. I love cosmetic bags as well... That last one is lovely! xx

    1. The last one is so lovely, I was so happy when I bought it from eBay for a couple of pounds. I think its originally from No7 :)

  3. I am in desperate need for a new makeup bacg, one that i can carry about in my handbag, mine is so tatty!



    1. I would 110% recommend looking on eBay for one, they usually have them for really cheap and either brand new of practically brand new.


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