Lauren Conrad: Style

I have to say I'm very fashionably challenged. I have almost no sense of style, when my fashion sense does kick in I seem to get it right - at least I think I do. I had taken to reading blogs to inspire me into wearing clothes other than leggings and tank tops. I think it has helped at least a little, since I've moved to wearing the odd skirt.
I've recently been reading A LOT of Lauren Conrad, and decided since I loved her blog so much I decided to buy her book. Lauren Conrad's style book is my new best friend. For a girl like me - who is utterly clueless when it comes to fashion - this book is a god send.
My wardrobe is a pretty boring array of tank tops, over sized tops, a couple of worn once dresses, skirts that I have almost never worn and jeans. To some my wardrobe may seem like a lovely thing, but I hate it, not because the pieces aren't nice, but because I literally have no clue how to dress myself. So I just reach for the same few things over and over again. I will literally wear the same things over and over till they have lost all shape or become holey - I have even sunk so low that on the odd occasion have continued to wear holey clothes.
Within the first few pages of this book I realised I wasn't doing much right when it came to what I wore. Nothing flattered. And I didn't have any of the "essentials" or as Lauren calls them "key pieces". - and if I did I didn't like what I had or had very few that I did. I don't have a collared shirt, granted I have been searching for the perfect one but so far my high standards have not been met. I don't have any plain black/white tops, shame on me. No black heels, though I have been eyeing a pair for awhile this book may have been what I needed to take the plunge and buy them - if they are pricey I'll be more likely to wear them. My blazers are probably two of the most hideous things I may have ever seen, one is a horrible ill fitting sky blue thing that is falling apart at the seams - literally - and the other is a what should be 3/4 sleeve thing with padded shoulders, but since I'm so small it looks about 3 sizes to big - when I say small I mean in height, so my arms are smaller than the average human being. I don't even have a good jacket, what Scottish person doesn't have a nice jacket. Oh that's right me? I have a jacket that I love but no one else does but its really a winter jacket, and I'm beginning to see why everyone else dislikes it.
I will say that Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion icons. I think that no matter what she wears she pulls it off and manages to look amazing every time. Be it a causal look or a more dressed up one. Everything she wears is perfect. And I want it all.
This year I'm going to make a conscious effort to update my wardrobe and make it the wardrobe of my dreams, with a little help from Lauren (of course).
Do you have any staple pieces that you just couldn't live without?

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