Lipstick Love

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a lipstickaholic. My love affair with lipsticks is one that is making my bank balance rather sad. Over the last few months I have considerably increased my lipstick collection. I have sticks, stains, pencil style ones and glosses. I will admit that the majority of my lipsticks are red. I own both high end and drug store lipsticks, though most of them are drug store. I'm the type of girl that would rather buy 2 or 3 cheaper lip sticks rather than buying one high end one.
I'm going to show the ones I have by splitting them up into brands, I think that will be the easiest way to show them and that way as well I wont be all over the place, also if I have multiple colours I can talk about them all in the one go rather than doing each of them one after another. 

Revlon Lip Butters

I have only have two lip butters, one of which may have gone missing from my mums make-up bag and some how found its way to mine. Cotton Candy is the colour I would reach for if I were only wanting a slight wash of colour. Its a really lovely light pink colour, I adore it especially for those days where I can't really be fussed trying to apply lipstick carefully. One of my favourite colour that I have is Candy Apple, its a beautiful red colour, I think it maybe has slightly orangey undertones. Its a beautiful red colour, I think its more wearable than some of my other reds since its not quite as bright. 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

I got this awhile ago when they originally came out, and recently I have rekindled my love for them. I only have the one colour from the collection since at the time that I got this the colours were quite limited. I really like the smell of these, the smell very minty some people don't like that but I love it. The colour lasts for a very long time and I find that you don't need to touch it up very often. I have the colour Romantic, its a red - who would have guessed -its a lighter red, so again is more wearable than most other reds. 

Revlon Colour Lustrous Lipsticks

I've never had one of these lipsticks before, at least until recently. I bought this because of the colour, Kiss Me Coral, it is such a beautiful burnt orange colour. From what I can tell it is quite long lasting. Honestly though because of the colour I couldn't care less how long it lasted, since this is maybe the most beautiful colour I own. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational 

I have the colour 540 Hollywood Red, this colour is a dusty pink colour. I think it is maybe the most sophisticated colour I own, its a very grown up colour. I don't wear it very often but when I do I feel so grown up and happy. Its one of the lipsticks I wear to feel a little more confidant with out being bold in a red lip. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

This is one of the newer additions to my collection. I would say that the colour is a dark berry red, the colour is really pigmented and lasts a fair while, I would say you only need to touch this up once of twice through out the day.  

Rimmel Apocalips 

As soon as these came out I was desperate to get my little paws on them, and boy am I glad that I did. My mum has some of the colours and I got a couple. The ones I have are Stellar and Big Bang. I have a whole blog post on these since I loved them so much, so if you are interested you can go check that out if you like. Stellar is such a beautiful colour, its very much so a pink colour but I think it has red in it to- as my mum was convinced that it was a red shade. Big Bang is an amazing bright red colour. They last a long time since they are like a gloss and stain hybrid. They are very creamy and they are surprisingly moisturising. 

Barry M Lip Paints

I have 3 lipsticks by Barry M, the first of which I've had for a couple of years - maybe not as long but I've had it for awhile. I used to use this religiously, every day for months. I've only got a little bit left of it, I don't know what the shade is since the name has rubbed off, but its the green on that turns pink. I loved using this since it would get darker throughout the day - it also takes a heck of a lot to take it off (I think its like a stain).
Another I have was a complete fluke buy, I don't know if I like the colour or not. The colour is shade 53, it is a pinky coral colour and it is unlike any colour I have ever bought or worn. I think that may be half the reason I'm unsure of it, due to the fact that I more so wear reds. 
The final Barry M lipstick I have is in the shade 121, this is a bright red colour. I think the amount of red lipsticks I have is ridiculous. I this is quite a matte colour, and it is quite drying - which is sad since its such a lovely colour ( I have really dry lips normally so this really isn't good for my wee lips).

Benefit Lip gloss 

This is the only proper gloss that I own, I have dandelion. I wear it over matte red lipsticks, just a little in the middle of my lips to give just a bit of depth and shine. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Another of my many eBay purchases, this is maybe one of my best purchases. I got it for a total bargain, I still class this as a high end purchase - I paid £12 for it so its kind of a joke - this is like my baby. The packaging is beautiful and the formula is so creamy and lovely.

MAC Lipstick

Yet again another eBay purchase, for a few pounds I got my hands on one of the limited edition Lady GaGa lipsticks. The one I have is in the shade Sheer Plum. This looks nothing like a plum colour when you just look at it, when you apply it though it looks slightly more plumy. I would say this is not a plum colour and more so a  pink with orange undertones. I've not used this in a fair while so I've not got much of a clue when it comes to its lasting, but it is a very creamy lipstick. 

ELF Matte Lip Pencil

I have not used this in a very long time, the colour is natural, it is a nude lip colour. I've become much more of a red and orange colour lipstick gal, so nude colours have been pushed aside and hidden away in the back of a box.

Are you a lipstick addict like me? 


  1. i love the revlon lip butter in candy apple, it's one of my favourites! :)

    Libby | Life of Libby


    1. Its one of my favourites, the lip butters in general are lovely :)


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