Nails of the day

I'm not one for ever doing anything fancy with my nails. It doesn't even need to be fancy, usually all I do is paint my nails with one colour. I thought since, for once, I've kept this on my nails for a fair while that I would share the results with you all. 
Apologies for the awful picture, but this was the best one I managed to take. 
I wasn't overly adventurous with my nails but I think it still looks pretty nice. Since I've gained a little bit of a tan I thought I would go for a colour I wouldn't normally - white - since it would look ridiculous on my normally pale skin. 
I jazzed it up with a glitter polish on my ring finger, since I figured all white would be too much.  Especially for a pale gal like me. 

nail strengthener. OPI nail envy

I used a couple of coats of China Glaze White On White and for my ring fingers a few coats of Topshop's Razzmatazz (I used a few coats to get a really thick glitter). And of course before applying any polish I put a coat of OPI Nail Envy, I honestly love this to pieces this has changed my once brittle nails to being super strong. 
There will maybe be a few more NOTD posts over the next few weeks, since I am trying so hard not to neglect my precious polishes. 



  1. Oooh I really like the combo of white and sparkly!that glitter looks so nice!i think I'm in need of some topshop glitter hehe :-)

    1. Topshop have the best glitter nail polish :)


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