OOTD - 18th Birthday Dinner

So today I've reached a milestone in my life. Today I turned 18!!! I'm excited for going out for dinner and ordering a drink. They will look at me and think - why is that little girl trying to order an alcoholic beverage? I shall internally laugh and and whip out my ID. So yes, tonight I'm going out for dinner with my mum and my brother.
I tried to dress up a bit, since I may as well, you only turn 18 once. My mum got me a pair of beautiful black heels for my birthday. I adore them, they are possibly my most prised possession. I have an unhealthy addiction for shoes. They are quite high - they have about a 6 inch heel - and I'm not 100% sure how well I'll be able to walk in them, but hey I'll learn.
My dress is also from ASOS, and I bought it the week before my birthday. I think its the type of dress that you could wear for both casual and dressy events - depending on how you styled it. I saw it on Zoella's YouTube channel awhile ago and instantly wanted it. I really wanted the blue one, but it was always out of stock. Sigh. When the black one arrived I was more than a little thrilled with it, it is utterly beautiful. Its not like any dress I own, but I think its good different.
I wore no accessories, I didn't think it needed any plus I didn't really know what to pair with it.


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