Tangle Teezer

I have always had extremely tuggy hair, and have always had to rip a brush through it. I decided enough is enough and bought myself the miracle that is a Tangle Teezer. I use it to brush my hair after I come out the shower, since that is usually when I find it worse, this makes it so much easier to brush through and it doesn't hurt (at least not nearly as much). I would say the only down side, if I can even call it a downside, is that the bristles don't quite catch deep enough in the top of my hair - this isn't a huge deal for me though since the most tuggy part of my hair is towards the bottom.

For around £10 this is a complete bargain and worth every penny you pay.


  1. I really want one of these! Where did you buy it?x


    1. I got mine off eBay, but you can get them almost anywhere. A which Google search and you'll be given hundreds of places that sell them :)


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