Birthday Haul

I thought it would be a better idea for me to do separate posts for my birthday. One for what I was given and another for things I went out and bought. I had convinced myself that all I wanted was make-up and other beauty things. That was until I realised I didn't actually need all the stuff I was wanting. I have a lot of self control. I did buy quite a few bits, but not an overly huge amount.
I made a couple of orders on ASOS and feel unique, also I picked up a couple of bits and bobs from Boots and of course eBay. With my birthday money I also got my blog designed, which is something I've been wanting to have done for quite awhile. Thank you Emily for doing it for me, I love it.

I made two separate orders to Feel Unique within days of each other, it didn't occur to me to do it at the same time. I had a £5 code, a birthday present from Feel Unique. I used that with my first order, I bought a Konjac sponge,  eye lash curlers and TIGI Split End Mender. I'd been eyeing up the Konjac for quite awhile and decided to just go ahead and buy it, same story with the TIGI Split End Mender. The eyelash curlers were bought since I didn't own any, and I don't think I actually have ever owned a pair of eyelash curlers. So I thought I would buy myself a pair and see how they worked for me.
The other Feel Unique order I made was for theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminize, this was another product I had been eyeing up for quite awhile. It was in the sale so I saved a few pounds on that, I would have bought it full price but getting it for a cheaper price is brilliant.

I also made 2 orders on ASOS. I bought a lot of stuff from ASOS, but most of it went back since it didn't fit or didn't look right. I only kept 2 things, a scarf and a dress. Since its getting colder and moving into Autumn I thought I should probably buy myself a scarf since I don't own one. I've been looking for a nice Tartan scarf for ages, I could never find one that was what I was looking for until now.  I adore it, its nice and cozy. Perfect for winter time. The dress is one that I had already bought but needed to replace since it unfortunately got a huge rip in it when I went out after my birthday.

I love Topshop, but always seem to talk myself out of buying things. I did that again, however I couldn't talk myself out of buying these shoes. I bought them with university in mind, I thought the heel was the perfect hight to walk about it. The sole seems quite sturdy and could maybe even be used when it starts to get a little icy since the sole looks like that of a walking boot. I had a pair really similar to this a couple of years ago, I loved them so much that the toes started to turn up and they got a little deformed. I'm glad I found these, since I've been after shoes like these for ages! There are a few more things that I'd like to buy from Topshop but for now that is all I've bought.

I wanted to buy myself quite a few Real Techniques brushes, but wanted to try and get them for a little cheaper. I found a site called iherb, and noticed they sold Real Techniques brushes for about half the price that you pay in the UK. I did a little research before buying anything from them, to make sure that they were legit. I found that a lot of people had trouble at customs, and they had to pay a lot of money to collect their parcel. I did find one site that told you How To Order From iHerb. She said to keep the order under £15, and I did. I bought the Eye Kit and the Fine Liner Brush, since those are the main ones I was wanting to buy. I didn't get charged any additional fees - which made me extremely happy! I'm going to place another order and get some more brushes later.


I also went into MAC and bought my first ever lipstick from there. I got So Chaud, its such a lovely orangey red colour, I can understand why people have loads of these lipsticks. They last for such a long time on the lips, the £15 price tag might not even deter me in the future!

Another of my "high end" purchases was from Origins, I'd never bought anything from there before buy had always wanted to try some stuff out. I got a mini facial and decided for now that I would buy the facial wash. In hindsight I probably didn't need it, I do have a lot of facial washes, but now that I've got it and paid £18 for it I may as well use it - and try to enjoy it!

One of the things I bought off eBay was Bioderma, I got the Sebium  version since I have oily skin. I wanted to get a 500ml bottle but nowhere seemed to sell it. So I got two 250ml bottles for a total of £15.60 including postage.

Another of the things I got from eBay was Crest 3D Whitening strips, I have wanted to whiten my teeth for the longest time and figured this was a good place to start.

I didn't get much from Boots, I of course had to buy some Baby Lips. I also bought some Bourjois products, I had never bought anything by Bourjois before but had wanted to try some stuff for ages - its been getting huge amounts of hype recently, they seem to be bringing out products that everyone loves. I also got myself the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick, I'd seem people in America talk about this and bought it as soon as I saw it in the shops. I'm not sure about it if I'm honest. It does control shine, but it doesn't give very good coverage, I would say the coverage is very light and not easily build-able.


I'm going to be doing posts on a lot of these products, but just in case I've not planed for one you'd like to see please let me know what you'd like to see a post on. 


  1. I wish I'd know about iHerb before I bought my Real Techniques brushes! They are worth it though :)


    1. I wish I had known about them before I bought my first set! I'm going to get some more I think from iherb :)


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