Elemis Fresh Skin Kit

Recently I won a give away that Mia, Teenage Beauty Blog, was having. I never win anything, so I was so happy when she contacted me. What I won was a lovely Fresh skin kit by Elemis. I'd never tried anything by Elemis before, but had always wanted to so this kit was perfect. Thank you so much Mia :)
The kit contained a face wash, moisturiser and a face mask sachet.

The Peachy Perfect gentle face wash is one of the nicest face washes I have used for awhile. For one it is peach scented, I really like adore peach scented things. Peach tea. Peach anything. Its a hydrating face wash, which is something I wouldn't usually have gone for since my skin is insanely oily. But I do think that my skin is looking and feeling better, which makes me think my skin is maybe dehydrated - along with being oily. I've used my No7 face washer to use this and I've also done it manually. I find that this leaves your skin feeling really clean - but not tight. Skin feels really really soft after using it. I haven't broken out from using it and that makes me really happy, I've not had much luck recently with new skin care. I enjoy using this with my hands most though, it feels soft and silky when you massage it on your face. I feel I should mention again that the smell is heavenly.

The sachet of face mask is only big enough for one use, but I think one use was all I needed to be left wanting more. The mask is a thick, like greek yogurt, cream and when you apply it to your face it slowly sinks in. It feels soft and relaxing, and after 10 minutes your left with a face that is as soft as a babies bottom. I didn't really notice the smell of it, which personally I like. I hate having a face mask that all you can smell for the time you have it on is the mask next to your nose. It sticks with you even when you remove it - no thank you. I really want to get my little hands on some more of the mask - its amazing.

This moisturiser smells lovely, just like a lavender plant. Lavender is probably one of my favourite scents. Its relaxing and calming, and if I'm honest makes me feel sleepy. I have trouble sleeping and have done for a couple of years, and using this at night time helps me get to sleep a lot quicker. Or at least that's what I think it does. I probably wouldn't use this during the day, as I might find myself dozing off. Probably not the best. Along with the fact I don't think this would control my crazy oily skin, if your skin wasn't so oily this might be OK for you though. But for a night time moisturiser this is perfect. It feels soft and silky on the skin, and leaves your skin feeling softer than a baby.
I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to try something new or is looking for a gift. Do you have any kits that you would recommend? 

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