Johnson's Baby Light Oil Spray

A few weeks ago I was reading cosmopolitan, and I stopped to read an article title "Love Your Skin". My skin needs little loving so I thought I would read it. I even pulled the page out so I could keep the wisdom it contained.
My skin is ridiculously dry and the hot, dry weather has made it worse. The article was basically just saying that Johnson's Baby oil Spray is the thing you need to make your skin heavenly.
I agree 100% with this. My skin has never felt better than it does now. 3 squirts on each limb and tah dah you are done. Soft as a baby.
My biggest worry was that this would be greasy when it dried. But no! When it dried, it soaked right in to your skin. And it didn't take very long to dry in. This is a complete no fuss way to moisturise. Hip Hip Hurray.
I hate moisturising. But I love this. This gets top marks in my books.

Have you tried this? How did you find it? 

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