MAC matte lipstick - So Chaud

At the end of August I decided I was going to go into the MAC store and buy myself a lipstick. Although I do already have a MAC lipstick, I'm pretty sure it is a fake, that's what happens when you buy from eBay I guess. I've been lusting over them for long enough. When I went in I was a little shocked at how busy it was, usually when I've been in there's only been one or two other people. Not this time, the shop was full. I struggled to get one of the girls that worked there to help me with finding what I was after. When I did get ahold of one, she was really nice and helpful.
When I went in I wasn't 100% sure what lipstick I wanted but new there were three that I really wanted. The MAC girl kindly applied the lipsticks on me one after another so I could decide which one I liked best. We all - the MAC girl, my mum and I - decided that So Chaud looked best.
I love red lipsticks, but I have lots of red lipsticks, so So Chaud was perfect for me. It is an orangey red lipstick, so still what I love but slightly different to what I usually go for.

 The lipstick is beautiful, I really can understand why people have lots of these. I would love to have more but the price of them just won't allow me to keep buying them - it's why I've not bought one sooner.
Although this is a matte lipstick, it doesn't cling to the dry patches on my lips like some matte ones.

Apologies for this frightful picture, its the only one I could take that best showed the colour of the lipstick. I lightly applied this with a lip brush so I could get a nicer finish, I am really bad for going over the lines. The lipstick if a little drying, if you put a good lip balm on before hand I don't think you would have much of an issue with it. 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? What lipstick would you recommend? 


  1. This is a gorgeous shade, you really suit it xx

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  2. I'm obsessed with MAC lipsticks! If you like pink shades, I really recommend Pink Pearl Pop or Chatterbox. If you like Coral's I loveeeeee Ravishing, and if you like a pinky nude/everyday colour I reaaaaaally recommend Creme Cup :D xxx

    1. Everyone always talks about Chatterbox, unfortunately I'm not much of a pink person :(
      I love corals and reds so I might see about getting Ravishing! :)


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