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Thank you so much Rhi for tagging me to do this! I always get really excited when I have realise someone has tweeted me, and even more so when it is blog related. I found it quite difficult trying to remember all the silly make-up mistakes I've made, not because I've not made them (cause trust me I have) but just down to the fact that I have a rubbish memory.

Wearing Bronzer

This isn't an all out bad thing as such, but wearing to much of it or a bronzer that is waaay to dark or orangey for my pale skin. I can recall looking like I just got smacked in the face with mud, not a good look. Funny but not attractive.


Again, same as with the bronzer, I love the way blush looks but in my younger days I was awful at applying it. I wouldn't really ever wear blush for fear of getting it wrong. Wrong Colour, too much of it. So many things could go wrong with it. God bless YouTube, and actually asking for help, since now I have a better idea of what colour and where to apply blush.


Everything about eyebrows, to do with eyebrows and all things eyebrows. I used to use a brow powder that was BLACK, this is maybe about 2 shades darker than I actually should have been using. I usually get them waxed, but I never keep it up, I'm to lazy to actually go on a regular basis to get them done. I don't tend to fill my brows in or anything now due to fear of looking like a clown.


Back in my younger days, like two if not three years ago, I used to wear very heavy black eyeliner. All round my eyes. It looked awful, it never stayed where it was supposed to it slipped and slide everywhere. Leaving me with black eyes by the end of the day about 10 minutes later.

Not wearing Primer

This is something I always fail to do, every time. I still do, even though I know that my make-up lasts longer. Silly me. I'm definitely going to try and use primer more since I know for a fact that it makes my foundation/ eye shadow last so much longer.

I tag:

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  1. Lovely post Sarah, loved reading it. I love the idea of describing too much bronzer as getting smacked in the face with mud haha. I too have been known to put on too much bronzer on my pale skin. And the whole black eye thing with eyeliner, I've been there too. When I first discovered eyeliner I just wanted to line everything.

    - Rhi

    1. Thank you!
      I unfortunately still had the occasional muddy look. :( curse our pale skin!
      Eyeliner needed to go everywhere all round the eye. Haha



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