Maybelline Baby Lips

For the longest time I have been drooling over Maybelline Baby Lips, I searched eBay and Amazon in hope of finding them for a reasonable price. But unfortunately postage made buying them for overseas imposable.
For awhile it has been rumoured that Baby Lips would be coming to UK stores, and finally have now arrived on the little island of Britain. I had to wait awhile before I could buy them as they were sold out almost everywhere. I could have bought just the one, but for what ever reason I held off till I could own them all.
You may know that I am a bit of a lip balm fan, and the baby lips are certainly no exception.
I would have bought all 6, but my friend thankfully held me back and I only got 3. I found it ridiculously hard to not buy all 6. I have a problem.

The three I have are all the tinted ones, since I so much prefer to wear lip balm to lipstick on a daily basis. This way I still get a nice tint without wearing lipstick. The one I was most excited for was Cherry Me, it looks like a lovely red tint. Beautiful, I do love my reds. Cherry Me is a scented, and smells quite sweet, just like cherries. I have quite dark lips naturally, so this doesn't show up quite as red as it could on someone with paler lips but it does sow as a pale red or dark pink on me.
I adore the smell of Peach Kiss. Peach scented things are something I will always love. It is very peach scented, and I love it! This did lighten the colour of my lips slightly, but it looked fine. Your lips but better, as people say.
The final one I got is Pink Punch, I wasn't sure what I was expecting this to smell like but when I did smell it I was really surprised. I was so surprised by it I actually said "wow". This is the most amazing scent, it is really sweet and fruity smelling. It smells like a fruity cocktail/ smoothie. It smells yummy. This is a colour that I would never usually go for. Its a Barbie pink colour, complete opposite of what I would usually go for. Its a nice colour, but I found that the colour collected at the edges of my lips, it could just be that my lips are dry.
The packaging is quite cute, nothing fancy. But I think it is really nice for these, the childlike cuteness of the packaging is adorable.
Baby Lips claim to give 8 hours of hydration, I don't think you get that much, but I do think they give a good hour or so of hydration. Better than most other lip balms I own. For £2.99 I think these are pretty good, they leave your lips feeling soft - even if only for a short time.

Have you tried the Baby Lips yet? What did you think of them?


  1. I've owned Cherry Kiss until unfortunately I left in in a pocket of my jeans and it melted in the dryer. The one I'm currently using is the pink punch one and I do think it's too pinky for me but what I do is I mix it with tutti frutti lip butter from revlon and it gives a very pretty coral color.

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. That's such a cleaver idea! I'd never have thought to do that :)

  2. Ah so many reviews of this product - I really need to get one of these sometime! I think Peach Kiss looks quite lovely, although I do like my reds so maybe Cherry Me :)


    1. All the reviews made me cave, I probably wouldn't have bought them as soon if there hasn't been so much talk about them!:)


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