Origins Facial Experience + what I bought

A couple of weeks ago I was looking around Origins and asked the lady about what products would be best for me. She suggested that I book myself in for a free facial, that way they could tell me what products I should be using and what my skin type is. I've never had a facial so I jumped at the chance to have this. I've wanted to try Origins for awhile now but wasn't wanting to waste money on a product that might not be what I was needing or work for my skin.
I totally understand why people go for regular facials, it feels lovely to be pampered. The lady that did the facial was lovely, really friendly and nice to talk to. She started the facial off by asking me about my skin, and what my normal skin care routine is. I don't have a set skin care routine, so she recommended products that were simple and quick to use. I'm pretty lazy, but I feel like I should be less lazy with my skin care. Origins skin care feels luxurious and lovely on the skin.
I had never used, or even tried, any Origins products but had heard loads of brilliant things about them so was really excited to find out what she was going to recommend me. She said the facial I was going to be getting was for spot/oil control and for brightening.
I can't remember what was used on my face bit by bit, but what I can remember I shall write down.
She first wiped something over my eyes, I'm not 100% sure what it was but I think it was a toner. She then used Checks and Balances frothy cleanser on my face, I wasn't sure why she used this on my face since I thought I had oily skin (which I do) but she decided I had combination skin, this is for all skin types so any one could get away with using this.
She then put a face mask on my skin, not one but two. On my nose and chin she used Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask and on my forehead and cheeks used Drink Up Intensive. Clear Improvements is a really lovely mask, I would have bought it if I hadn't already got a charcoal mask in my house. Drink up Intensive is meant to be an over night mask for dehydrated skin, and although I had never thought myself as having dehydrated skin before after she used this on my face my skin looked brighter and felt softer.
She also used a face scrub on my face, I'm not sure if this was before or after the masks but I feel like it was after. The one she used on me was Modern Friction. It didn't feel to harsh, but it felt like it would do a really good job of clearing out your pores. I was put off buying this because of the price,  the full sized 125ml tube is £33 which for what your getting is very expensive. You can get a 50ml tube for £12, if you were to buy 3 of these you'd spend £36 and you would have 150ml of product - you would probably be better off buying a few of the smaller ones.
She then wiped my face down with the Zero Oil toner and then put some kind of lotion on my skin. I really have no idea what it was she put on, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the toner since she put it on with her hands and not a cotton pad.
The final thing she used was the GinZing Moisturiser, I had been really curious about this for awhile since  it is everywhere in the blogging world. It smells lovely, I think it smells a bit like chocolate oranges. I didn't think this was the type of thing I should be using for my skin since I do have very oily skin, but she said its fine because its oil free. Its a brightening moisturiser, so your skin looks revived after using it. I was so close to buying it, but I held off since I have quite a few Boots Points that I could use to get it.
I only bought one product, since it is quite pricey and I have a lot of things I need to use up already. I bought the Checks and Balances cleansers, which I probably didn't need to get - since I have loads of cleansers I need to use. But I felt a little pressured to buy something. My mum was with me so I didn't feel nearly as pressured as I would have if I was on my own.
I did have a little bit of an issue when buying my product, because another lady working there told me that I needed to buy 2 products when having a facial. I would check that if you plan on getting one, you don't want to be hit with the surprise after having the facial of being told that you now need to buy two products. When I booked my facial I was told it was a free complimentary facial - which made me think that there was absolutely no need to buy anything afterwards. I did say that to the lady, and wasn't made to buy another product, not like they could have forced me - I could have easily left with nothing.
All in all I loved having my facial, and since it is free you should get one as well - but do check the terms and conditions - its a lovely way of trying out some products that you maybe would never have thought of trying.
I am going to later go and buy some more things, but for now I have my cleanser to keep me happy.


  1. I am curious about the Zero Oil toner. I hate when I feel pressured to buy something just because of a thing they do to me like when they do my makeup at counters or something. I mean, they offered. Why should I be pressured into buying something?

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. Makeup counters terrify me! I've only ever been to one makeup counter that didn't make me feel presured, it was bobbi brown and the woman was lovely and gave me free samples and stuff.


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