A Little Lush Haul

I haven't bought myself anything from Lush for quite awhile, and I thought I would treat myself to a few items. I have to say I don't tend to buy different things from what I usually buy, so the things I've bought recently are things I usually buy.

The first thing I've got is You've Been Mango'ed bath melt, this is possibly my favourite thing from Lush - if not my favourite thing then it is definitely in my top 3. This little rectangle of goodness is heavenly, truly amazing. If you haven't tried this, then you really really have to! It costs £3.25, and is worth every penny and more. When you drop this in your bath, it melts away leaving you surrounded in a soft and silky oil. When you get out the bath, your skin feels really soft and silky - not oily.

Another item that is definitely in my top 3 is The Comforter bubble bar, this is probably one of the first items I bought from lush. I always used to use the whole thing, I stopped buying it since it was £4.50 and I thought that was a bit expensive for a one use thing. I've now realised that I can get three or four uses out of it if I cut it up into bits. This is such a sweet and berry smelling thing.  Its almost sickly - so the smell probably isn't for everyone. But I looove it, it smells good enough to eat - but I wont since it probably wouldn't be good for me. Run this bar of goodness under the tap and watch as the bubbles appear. Sweet silky soft bubbles of goodness. Please go out and buy this - you honestly wont regret it!

Next I have another of my all time favourites - The Blackberry Bath Bomb. One of the only bath bombs I buy from lush. The final of my top 3. This big ball of loveliness isn't anything particuarly special, the scent isn't overwhelming - like the other two can be - its discrete but nice. Sweet, but not too sweet - with a nice little hit of fruit. When you let it fizz away in your bath, it leaves your water purple and a silky softness floating about with you. When you leave your glorious bath, your skin feels crazy good - no need for moisturising after you use this - nope not at all. This is a wonder product, relaxing bath and - sort of - a moisturiser eliminator ( for that day anyway). Oh, and its relatively cheap at just £2.95.

The final two things I have are the same, they only cost £1 - so why not get a couple? The Tea Tree Toner Tabs don't quite make it into my top 3 - but they are most certainly in my top 5. I usually buy these in bulk and aim to use them at least once a month - and if possibly I try to use one every two weeks. These make pampering your face that little bit better. Fill a bowl with hot water, drop this in, get yourself a towel and steam your face away. This opens your pores - so for me it makes face masks and facial strips ( chin and nose ones) that much better. It helps them remove so many more impurities from your face. I find that it also leaves your skin feeling healthier and softer. So many plus points to this. I was also told ages ago by one of the Lush staff that once you've finished using it - keep the water and put it in a bottle, that way you don't need to buy the tea tree toner water. For a pound how can you say no?

What are your favourite Lush products? 


  1. The Tea Tree Toner Tabs sound really awesome! I've never heard of them before but what they do is awesome! Great haul xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. I really love them, they make a pamper night that little bit better :D

  2. I'm obsessed with angels on bare skin cleanser :)

    1. Oooh, I might need to have a look for that next time im in :)


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