Botanics Ionic Clay Mask

I love face masks, always have and I always will. I like the relaxing feeling you get from using a face mask, sheer bliss. Botanics had always been a line that I had been interested in, my interested has now turned to love. This face mask is lovely. It draws out impurities, and I honestly believe that it removed a lot of my blackheads. My nose has a lot less blackheads on it than it used to.
This mask dries really quickly, it says you should leave it on for 10 minutes but I think it would probably be dry in half that.
I thought I would show how fast it dries, this was a few minutes after applying it.
It claims to absorb excess oil, which is a massive plus for me, and cleanses deeply, which may explain the blackhead removing properties. I'm not sure if it does actually control my oil since I usually use it at night, but maybe one day I'll pamper my face in the morning and try to find out.
My biggest annoyance with face masks is that they usually dry the skin out, leaving it feeling tight. This is one of the few masks I've found that doesn't dry my face out. This is possibly the best mask ever. Or at least  that I've found so far.
The tube is quite small, but you only need a little of it so it should last you quite awhile. It costs £6.99 for 100g, I think its worth it due to how little you need.


  1. Try the lush fresh face masks! They are the best for all types of skin! I have done a review of one on my blog!



    1. I've tried a couple of the lush ones, cosmetic catastrophe and cupcake :)


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