Life post - A bit about me?

I wasn't sure what to name this, hence the relay plain and boring name. I've never really done a "life" type post, but thought I would do one now - a sort of update/ look into my life. My life has been quite busy recently, and I'm sort of amazed that I've kept up with posts and such like.

On the 24th of September I went into my first year of University, for anyone that's interested I'm studying Forensic Investigation. So far I'm really enjoying the course - but not the back pain that comes from carrying my books every day. I've been going to classes for almost a month, its exciting and new - when you go to university, if you're not already there, you will have so much fun and meet so many people. I think during the summer I'll do a few posts for the run up to University starting, to help the new first year students, I found the ones that I read really helpful so maybe someone would find my ones helpful?

My Biology book is so bloody heavy!
In my first few weeks at University I signed up for quite a few things - sports clubs, more specifically dance, the fashion society and the gym. Oh and most recently I've joined the Cheerleader club hahaha. Oh god, this could be funny. Hopefully my joining the fashion society will help me with my complete lack of fashion know how, I honestly wonder sometimes how I manage to leave the house looking semi decent - I do however though, wear the same things over and over. So yeah, hopefully I'll get some style advice from the fashion students and then maybe do some outfit posts. I was going to do an outfit a day for a month, but then I thought that I would be showing the same two or three outfits multiple times. I'm hoping as well to become healthier, so when I get into actually exercising and eating better I could maybe do a post about it if you'd like? Let me know, cause if even just one person wants to see it I will definitely do that.
So far no one I've made friends with on my course knows about my blog or my YouTube, at least I don't think they do...? I'm not really sure how to bring it up with them, so for now I'll leave telling them about it.

I also start my first ever proper job at the start of November, I am really excited for it. It's only a Christmas temp, but its in Boots so it is guaranteed  to be brilliant! I'm quite a shy and quite person naturally so it's going to be hard for me to come out my shell during work, but I think it will be 100% worth it.

As I'm typing this, I don't really know where I'm going with this. But anyway. Maybe I'll mention a little about my blog? Yeah lets do that now. So currently, I am so close to my first "mile stone", by the time this goes up I may have already met it, but when I reach 50 followers on either platform - GFC and Bloglovin' - I will be so happy and over the moon. I was thinking of maybe doing a small giveaway, of one or two of my favourite products? It would, for now, only be for the UK. If I wait till he next little goal, then I would probably make it international, I'm not really sure. I would love any feedback anyone has for my blog, all comments are happily accepted - even if they are bad, they won't be as happily accepted though. haha.

Before I start rambling about so many stupid and random things I'll finish this post up here, if you'd like to have updates and posts like this more often please let me know :) 

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