Maybelline Color Whisper | Berry Red

Holey mother. I did not expect this to be so pigmented. For whatever reason I had got it in my head that these were kind of like Revlon Lip Butters, and that they would be kind of sheer. Oh how wrong I was.
Maybellines Colour Whisper's haven't quite made there way to the UK yet - I don't know why, but please may they hurry on over! So they are quite hard to get your hands on, Zoe was kind enough to pop one in my swap box. The one she sent me is Berry Red.

The packaging of these is sleek, whilst still having an element of cuteness. The plastic tube is dark red - depending on the colour of the lipstick depends on the tube colour - colour and is slightly see through. On the sides of the tube are the words "color whisper", the tube is fairly skinny - at least in comparison to other lipsticks I own.

This lipstick is crazy pigmented, its quite glossy as well. They are really soft on the lips, just like the Revlon Lip Butters are, they glide on the lips and are relatively easy to apply. I've been using a brush to apply it since I do have a slight issue with applying outside my lips. I usually blot my lips a little as I find that if I don't do that my lips look really wet.

This picture doesn't show how lovely this colour is.
They don't last overly long on the lips, I would say that I get an hour or two wear before I need to re-apply it. After eating, almost all the lipstick in the middle of my lips had been wiped off, a little disappointing but I can't help but love it. My initial reaction after applying this for the first time was wow. Any little cons to this lipstick are completely wiped out by my initial love for this.

Have you tried any color whispers? 

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