Milani Baked Blush

I'm not a huge fan of blush. It looks pretty in the pan, but whenever I try to use it, well it seems to go horribly wrong. Most of the time I steer clear of it for fear of looking like I've been slapped in the face/ look like a clown, other times I'm in a panic trying to fix the horrible mess I've made on my face.

For a couple of weeks now I've been playing around with this blusher and I've so far not had a bad experience with it. This wonderful blush is by Milani, its one of the baked powder blushes in the colour Luminoso.

The blush is a beautiful soft peach colour, with tiny little bits of gold shimmer running through it. It gives the skin a health radiant glow, it's a beautiful blush that I think would go with most skin tones. The pigmentation of this blush is amazing, the lightest swipe of your finger ( and your brush ) and you get the beautiful colour showing up so well. The blushes feel so soft and silky, they blend really well even if you put too much on you could easily fix it.

I don't own many blushes, so I can't really compare it to any. Although it is one of my favourites now, the packaging looks really classy - gold shiny and sleek. I think it looks beautiful, some may say a little bulky, but I think this is quite compact in comparison to some other ones.
This blush is so beautiful, why we don't have them in the UK is beyond me. They would fly off the shelves if they came here! I would love to try some more of these, and hope that in the future Milani come to the UK!


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