Milani Lipstick in Plumrose

So most people know that I am a massive lipstick lover. I have way to many lipsticks for one person, I probably never need to buy another lipstick again. Milani as a brand is one that we can't get in the UK and if we wanted to ship over we would have to spend quite a bit of money doing so. Last month I did a blog swap with Zoe, who was lovely enough to send me a few Milani products.

One of the products was a lipstick in the colour Plum Rose, this has fast become my favourite lipstick. Since receiving it I've worn it almost every day. Its quite different from the lipstick colours I usually go for - reds are my usual colour. The colour is a lovely dark pink, verging on purple - I also describe it as being a vintage/ dusty pink colour. The lipstick has pretty amazing pigmentation, so the colour looks brilliant on the lips. I have found though that you can make this quite dark in colour depending on how much/ heavily you apply.

I feel I should also mention that the stick smells amazing, I can't quite put my finger on what it exactly smells like but I think it smells like sweeties I used to eat when I was younger. You can smell it when it is on your lips, but the smell does fade after a short while of wearing.
It feels really lovely and creamy on the lips and I would say gives a good 3/4 hours before you would need to re-apply. I have worn this while having had something to drink and something to eat, I wouldn't say you need to re-apply right after food or drink but the colour does fade a little - and your cup or bottle will have the colour on it.
Again sorry but it was the best picture I could get of the lipstick colour

If I ever find myself in the States I will determinately be picking myself up some of these, and if this one ever runs out I may find myself having withdrawals. 

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