Monday Skin Treats

Most people will pamper themselves and their skin on a Sunday - preparing for the week ahead. Not me though, nope. I don't have classes on a Monday, so for me its kind of like an extension of the weekend. I see it as giving my body the chance to calm down and relax before the week ahead, so that means I try to give myself a good soak, scrub and moisturise!

Something I love doing - but don't do nearly often enough - is steam my face. Sounds random but trust me, as a first step in a facial pamper it is brilliant! Fill a bowl up with hot water, add either herbs/flowers/ essential oils or a pre made toner tab - the ones I use are from Lush - get your self a towel and steam away from 10 to 15 minutes. I think this makes cleansing or putting a mask on so much more effective as it opens your pores, meaning impurities are drawn out with so much ease. I think there are two or three options from lush toner tab wise, but the ones I use are the Tea Tree ones. They just leave your face feeling so soft and clean, even though you haven't done anything.

My next step would probably be to run myself a nice bath, with either bubble bath or one of the many bath products I have. This time I've gone for one of my Bomb Cosmetics ones, Fresh Berry. Now that my cold has gone, the smell of this is amazing! Before I could hardly smell a thing, now though, mmmmm yummy berry goodness.

When in the bath, I'd probably give myself a "double cleanse". I'd usually first start off with my Botanics Balm Cleanser, then move on to another facial wash - I find that the balm cleanser leaves a little oil layer on my skin that just needs a little help to move off. I tend to also use facial cloths when doing this, I suppose it kind of acts like a soft facial exfoliant? I haven't gone out and bought myself a new facial scrub, so that is the only way I tend to get any scrub on my wee face.

After my face is pretty much the cleanest thing ever, I go in with a mask. I love a good mask, and I personally don't think you can ever have to many! I only have three just now, but I have my eye on a few that in the very near future I see my small collection getting quite a fair bit bigger. One I've been loving using recently though is a Superdrug own brand one, I'm not 100% if this is the name but it says Mud Therapy - so I'm going to guess that's the name. I love when this dries you can see the all the little pores on your face.
 If I'm feeling extra lovely for my face, I'll use some facial pore strips. One for my nose and one for my chin.
Of course my legs and arms need a little bit of loving too. So here comes Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub. Oh you little tub of heaven, if you want a really good scrub then this is for you, the scrub isn't so harsh that your skin feels raw afterwards.
The next, and probably final step would be to moisturise!! Facial wise, I'm just trying to use up what I currently have and the one I'm using now is the Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser. It isn't anything special, I'm finding now though that it doesn't give me quite as much hydration and moisture as I'd like - maybe I need to invest in some Hydraluron? The moisturiser I've been using for my body is one by Aveeno, I've had it for so long and I basically just want to finish it off. I'm sort of fed up of having things lying around that I never really use, and most of that stuff is skin care - bodily and facially.

How do you pamper yourself at the weekend?



  1. This sounds like heaven right about now! I'm with you on the steaming. I don't do it at home but I do get facials every couple of weeks and they do it there... I think it makes a HUGE difference! I'm asking for a steamer for Christmas!! hahah :)


    1. Oooh sounds like an amazing christmas present! I'd love one of the foot bath things with all the lovely scrubs and heated boot things that they use in Spas :)

  2. this is so interesting to read, and has given me some ideas for a pamper session, haha! :) xx

    1. I'm glad I could have been of some help :)
      I hope you enjoy yourself when you pamper your self :)


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