Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blusher

Every time I've seen the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blusher I have died a little inside. The blush looks so beautiful, the little pink hearts looks so lovely - I have the colour Rose. Now that I have it I'm a little scared to use it, I don't want to remove the hearts. I thought I would first talk about the packaging since its so pretty. The compact is a metallic hot pink, its quite similar in size to the Milani baked blushers. When you lift up the blusher part, you find a section that has a mirror and holds the brush it came with. I probably won't use the brush, as I'll just use my own blush brush but I suppose its nice if you were travelling to have the option.

The design on the blush is the nicest thing I've ever seen on a make-up product. When I see the hearts start to fade I may give a little cry, seems like a crime to remove the design. The hearts come in different colours from hot pink to light pink and there's even a couple of brown ones.

The product is very lightly scented, I think it smells a bit like roses. You would only really notice the scent if you practically stuck your nose right in it. The colour of the product did worry me slightly as in the pan it looks like quite a dark pink - I feared the clown look. Not to worry though, the colour doesn't seem to be overly pigmented (good thing or bad thing?) so you only get a light pink colour with the tiniest bit of shimmer running through it. You could build the colour up and get a darker pink, but for me I'm more than happy with a light pink. This is the type of blush that I think almost anyone could get away with wearing, you could get both a light and a dark blush look from this - so there is something to suit almost everyone.

Have you tried anything from Physicians Formula? 

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