Re-Gen Cream

I've used Re-Gen cream for a couple of years now, and I think that kind of gives me a good idea of how well this works.
Let me first say a little about what Re-Gen cream is and what its for. Basically Re-gen is a cream that is meant to help prevent and provide treatment for things like stretch marks, scars, dry skin and blemishes. I'm not 100% sure where sells this, but I know that ASDA does - if not any more then they used to. I also think that it costs around £5. I went for this over bio oil - which I have used in the past - because it was slightly cheaper.
I'll tell you a little bit about why I started using it. When I was 11 I had my appendix removed, and I was left with quite a scar. Unfortunately the scar was quite big and noticeable. I had tried loads of different things that claimed to reduce the appearance of scars, nothing really did. That was until I tried this.
I found that my scar was less red and was softer after just a couple of weeks of using Re-Gen cream. It is still noticeable 7 years on, but not nearly as much as before I started using this. I've used this for dry skin and stretch marks on my legs - never for blemishes though...
The cream is white and is really thick. It doesn't smell like anything in particular, it just smells creamy. The tub is 125ml and it lasts forever! This tub lasts a seriously long time, a little bit goes a long way. It absorbs quickly into the skin and I think it really does work.

I really recommend this, if you have a scar, stretch marks or dry skin.
Do you have any creams you've found that work?


  1. I think I'm gonna try it because I have some stretch marks!

    Just a little prettier

    1. It's definitely worth a try since its so cheap :)


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