Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman | Blush brush and Expert Face Brush

Hello everyone, I hope your al doing well! So about a month ago I made my first order with iherb.com, and was so happy with the price that I got the brushes for that I made another order - basically as soon as the other ones arrived. In order to avoid customs I have to keep the cost to £15 or less, meaning I can only really buy two brushes at a time. I'm not too fussed about that though, since it keeps the cost down and forces me to pick the ones I really want.
The two I bought this time were the Expert face brush - so many people talk about this brush and I wanted to try it out since people say its better than using the Buffing brush - and the Blush brush - I don't own a brush for blush, so applying blusher is a bit of a hassle and doesn't always look nice, hopefully this will make the application of blush look so much nicer.

The Blush brush is so soft and fluffy! I don't actually think I have ever felt something quite as soft on my face! On the iherb site the blusher brush costs $9 - which works out to be around £5.50. Pretty good price and a bargain if you ask me! The blush can be used to apply both cream and powder blushes - I only have powder ones though so I won't be able to comment on how well it applies cream blush.

The brush is such a high quality and does not shed any bristles! When you use it to apply blush, it feel soft and doesn't feel scratchy on the skin - like some other brushes can. The brush looks really pretty, the handle is a lovely metallic pink and the base is round enough that if you wanted to you could stand it up on your dresser or where ever it is you apply your make-up.

 The brush picks up a good amount of product and applies like a dream, its really easy to use - it makes blusher look lovely on the skin. I don't really know what else to say about this brush, except that if you don't have this brush already then you should definitely go out and buy it. Its beautiful.

The Expert Face Brush is so also soft, the bristles are packed closely together and the bristles are quite short - perfect for blending and buffing in foundation. Just like the Blush brush this brush costs around $9 on iherb. Meaning I got this brush for about half the price that other shops in the UK charge. The brush is used for applying foundation, and it gives such a nice finish.

 I found that with this brush - unlike the buffing brush - you use it more like a paint brush, using small strokes to apply the foundation, instead of using circular motions. Doing this gives such a lovely air brushed look, I would say flawless but the foundations I use aren't the type to give a really full coverage, but it does help make my face look a lot more even and pretty close to being "flawless".

 Just like the Blush brush you can - if you want to - stand this brush up by setting it on a flat surface, I'll probably just put this in my brush pot and take it out when I need it. I think I'll probably be reaching for this brush more than my buffing brush, I find its a little easier to use. And I don't think it swallows up quite as much foundation as the buffing brush.
I am slowly but surely collecting all the brushes, even if I don't specifically need it I think I'll probably still buy them.
What brush do you recommend I buy next? 

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