September Favourites

Where as September gone?No seriously, where is all the time going? It honestly doesn't feel that long ago that we were celebrating the new year! Before we know it it will be 2014!!! Crazy.
September I think weren't by quite quickly for me, there was a lot of prop for university and of course there was then freshers week. I had bucket loads of fun!
I spent quite a bit of time before I started University planning posts and writing them so that I could focus on classes and meeting people - sad not to be doing blog posts but happy knowing I wouldn't stress over missing weeks out.
September was a month that I tried very hard to look after my skin, so quite a few of these will be skin care items. I also got quite a bit more use out of make-up - a lot more than last month anyway. During September I was preparing the go to University and then making the nervous steps of starting. Starting university also meant freshers week, more "night time makeup" meaning most things in this months favourites are makeup.
Anyway, here is the video of me talking about my favourites - I find videos an easier way to show my favourite rather than writing them down.


I'm so sorry that this is so long, I have no idea how that happened. 
Next month will be shorter - I promise. What have your favourites been?

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