Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

I had never needed to use concealer, not really. But now University, well its changed me. I'm always tired, and my eyes, oh my eyes! My dark circles and eye bags are ridiculous. I've never had them before so didn't quite know how to deal with them. I bought myself Seventeen's Phwoarr paint, and thank the lord I did.

Apologies for this being used, and a little mucky. The concealer is so thick and creamy, it doesn't feel heavy under the eyes. It only comes in two shades, fair - which I have - and medium. The shade light blends in really easily, it covers up all the darkness and puffiness that my lack of sleep has caused. It makes my under eye area look really nice, and glowy.
For £5.49 this is a seriously brilliant under eye concealer. The packaging isn't anything special, but personally I like it. Small black, circular compact with quite a big mirror for the size of the compact. I would seriously recommend this to anyone with absolutely any under eye problems - or even if you just want a concealer to make your eyes look brighter.

Have you tried this concealer? What ones do you like?


  1. I barely use concealer but this definitely looks worth trying

    thepowderednose.blogspot.com xx

    1. I never really used concealer before this, I don't think I could go with out it now :)


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