Spending ban update 2

Hello to everyone. I currently have around 22 days - depending on when this goes up - left of my spending ban. Since my last update, I've not bought an overly huge amount of stuff. From what I can remember I have only bought one dress, for going out in, and 2 nail polishes. I have however spend over £100 on going out drinking. Woops, definitely not doing that for awhile.
In fact, I bought myself a couple of tops from H&M as well, but I justify it by the fact that I was wearing the same clothing over and over.
I have spent a lot of money recently on food, not having time for food in the morning ends up with me spending money in Sainsburys before class. I'm going to try and make myself a sandwich before I go out so that I have something if I feel hungry before lunch. That way I'll save around £12 a week, thats over £40 a month! Just for a mid morning snack?! Over £50 if I add in the odd Starbucks.
I'm not going to buy anything for myself until after my spending ban finishes on the 19th of November. This might be quite hard since I start work on the 4th, and I'll be getting my first pay shortly after I start. eeek.

Spending Bans are hard, who knew.


  1. For sure they are! I need to be more strict with myself but sometimes it cant be helped! Good Luck x

    Kirsty Rockit Style

    1. I think I'm going to start saving for a new camera - maybe that will help me from spending like a nutter. :)


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