Spending Ban Update

Well what can I say, its been 12 days since I started doing my - not overly long - 50 day spending ban. And I have broken it so many times. I could argue why I bought these things and argue that it wasn't technically make-up or skin care. But for now I'm just going to give a little break down of what I've spent over the last not even two weeks.
Firstly, I'll mention that I made quite a large ASOS and Topshop order and ordered one thing from Newlook.  Out of everything I ordered from those sites I only kept one thing - from ASOS. So I'll be getting a bit of money back from refunds. The thing I bought from ASOS was a Superdry top, I would NEVER usually buy a top that costs £24.99 - around £21 with student discount - but I've been searching for a really lovely v-neck top and this is the only one I have found that looks nice on me. From Newlook I bought a dress, but it didn't look right so I sent it back and I am currently waiting for a refund.
I also put a small order in for H&M and Boohoo.com order. Both of which haven't actually arrived yet. I will argue that in my original post I said that I could buy clothes if I needed them, and to be honest I really did need some new tops. On H&M I don't actually know what size I am, so I will be getting money back on a couple of things, so I bought from there two tops and possibly - if they fit - a pair of velvet boots. Boohoo.com wise, I bought 2 dresses - again I will be getting money back for one of the dresses. When I go out for a night out with my friends, I tend to wear the exact same thing over and over again. So I bought the dress from boohoo ( hopefully it looks nice ) with plans on wearing it out.

This next thing I am going to say wasn't needed, it also doesn't actually fall under the "do not buy" section, but it was wonderful to have it done. A few days ago I went to a spa, and had a Hot Stone Massage and had a pedicure. It was sheer bliss. And all in all it cost me around £40. I have never been to a spa before so this was a huge treat for me and I probably won't be doing it again for at least a few weeks.

I also made myself a sneeky order with Bomb Cosmetics, my gran gave me some money and told me to have fun spending it. So it would have been rude not to, right? I also thought I would quickly mention that I placed a small Muji order. I am in desperate need of proper storage.

I fell off the wagon, I want to fall off completely but I'm going to stick with it.  


  1. This post made me laugh :P
    I am about to start my first ever spending ban stretching from Nov 1st - Dec 31st. I am minorly (massively) nervous about it haha but hopefully I can stick to it!
    I am sure you will be back on track soon enough! :D
    Yay for fellow Scottish bloggers :)


    1. Hahaah, my plan was originally to do a 100 day spending ban, but that would have finished on Christmas - and well I tend to buy myself presents when I got to boots and get 3 for 2 :)
      I hope you can stick to your ban better than me!:)


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