Spending Ban

This right here, all bought in a week. Thats why I need to go on a ban. 

For my birthday I was given quite a substantial amount of money, and before now I never thought I had a problem with spending. But then again I've never had so much money before. I spent so much money in such a short space of time. So I have decided that I'm going to go on a spending ban!
I've never done a spending ban before, because I never thought I needed to I usually have a lot of self control. I think I justified buying all the things I did, because when I looked at what I had, I didn't have that much. I do have a lot of beauty items, but I always think I need a couple more of this and that.
I don't have a job, so my spending needs to slow down. Especially now that my student loan is on its way. Gulp. 
I decided to use the same set of rules (more or less, I edited them slightly) that Jessica used. Since I love her blog and her rules seemed pretty good.
 The spending ban will run for 50 days, starting today the 1/10/2013 and will end on the 19/11/2013. I decided to start of with 50 days, since if I did 100 days it would finish on Christmas Day.
The spending ban does not mean that I can't buy anything. It just means that I limit myself to only buying what I actually need. So, the rules are:
  • No spending on any make-up. Unless I completely run out of something, which is unlikely since I have a couple of everything.
  • No spending on hair care, unless, I run out of shampoo/conditioner/ heat protector. Most money will probably be spent on shampoo and conditioner, its the only thing that runs out quickest. 
  • No spending on skincare, unless, I run out. I have a lot of things that I need to use up, so until they are done, no buying new stuff. 
  • No spending on clothes or shoes. The only time this is acceptable is if something needs replacing, for example if something has a hole in it. 
  • Buy a reusable water bottle, so I don't need to spend a couple of pounds a day on it. 
I hope that by doing this I can use up a bunch of stuff that I probably wouldn't have used. Just like Jessica, I'll update how I'm doing if not in a post on its own, then at the end of other posts as a little p.s. 

I never thought I would feel nervous about starting a spending ban, but I am. Wish me luck! :) 

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