Starting Off: Make-up Tools

I'm probably still considered a beginner when it comes to make-up brushes and other things like that. Despite this, I'll try my best to talk about my experience with make-up tools.
For both face and eye make-up, you can use either brushes or sponges. For eye make-up, I think there is only really one say to go and that way is brushes. You don't need to spend a fortune on brushes, but I do feel they are 1000x better than the little sponge applicators. I love the Real Techniques brushes, you can get their eye set for around £20 from Boots (or £11 from Iherb), when you think about the price of one MAC brush - which I would love to be able to afford - at around £20, you get 4 for that price from Real Techniques. Does that make sense? I hope so.
 Face make-up wise, I think how you apply is completely down to choice. You can use your fingers, brushes or even sponges. I haven't used sponges for years, so I can't really comment on how they apply - my cousin swears by them - she also hates brushes - and she is a beauty therapist. I love brushes, and I am constantly switching between my Real Techniques Buffing and Expert face brush. For me, I think it gives such a lovely almost airbrushed finish. I mean who doesn't want air brushed skin. I do want to try the new Real Techniques sponge, it looks really good and I've seen lots of good reviews of it.
I don't really know what else to talk about, so I think I'll give a few brushes that I think are a must have.
Firstly, a nice little lip brush - I use my Real Techniques Detailer Brush. For a lovely perfect lip look I feel a lip brush is needed.
 Another brush I think is a huge must have is a good blush brush, and again I really have to recommend the Real Techniques one - applying blush has never been easier since I bought this.
The last and final type of brush I think is a must have is a decent shadow brush. So many eye looks can be made with one good shadow brush, having multiple shadow brushes is good as you can use one of them for the crease. The only crease brush I own is quite big, so it doesn't really fit in the crease area so I do tend to just use a fluffy shadow brush.
The only other make-up tools I would say is worth mentioning is eyelash curlers, tweezers and a sharpener. I don't think you need an eyelash curler, but they are nice to have to make your eyes look wider and you more awake. Again with eyelash curlers you don't have to spend a fortune on buying these, since you can get a good pair for as little at £5. Tweezers again, are really cheap. And are quite good for catching stray eyebrow hairs, or even those pesky eyelash hairs that wont sit right. Sharpener is pretty self explanatory. If you use shadow pencils, lip pencils or eye liner pencils that need to be sharpened then you'll need one of these - I've actually lost mine, but you can pick them up for really cheap.
The final note on make-up tools, please remember to clean your brushes. You wouldn't leave your make-up on your face for over a month with out taking it off once, so why would you leave your make-up brushes un-cleaned for months at a time. I don't wash my brushes every week, I keep thinking my brushes wont last as long if I wash them every week. I try to wash my brushes every two - three weeks, and I think I'm going to buy myself a daily brush cleanser from MAC later on - just for extra cleanliness.

I hope this post wasn't overly boring. What do you use to apply your make-up?


  1. i've wanted to pick up some real techinques brushes for a while now, thanks for the suggestions! xx


    1. You really should buy some they are so good :) I would say get them from iherb though, they are like half the price of ones you buy in the UK x

  2. I love RT brushes they are amazing! I know MAC brushes are expensive but they are worth the money, defiantly something to save up for / ask for as a birthday / Christmas present!
    Becky x


    1. I've been lusting after a few MAC brushes and eye shadows for awhile, I might just have to ask for a couple for my Christmas :) or maybe as a first pay day treat :)


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