Stila In The Light Palette Review

 For awhile now I've been wanting to try something a little different with my make-up, the only way I could think of was to add eye shadow in. I'm not a huge eye shadow wearer and if I do wear it, the it is usually just one colour. Nothing fancy. After seeing this appear on quite a few blogs - quite awhile ago - I decided I'd put it on my little wish list of things.
For my birthday my cousins were kind enough to buy me this, I was really happy when I saw it even a little surprised. I love the natural eye looks that some people do, and now I have a lovely little palette to try re-create them myself. I think recently they redesigned the packaging, since now there is a huuuge mirror built in.

The palette contains 10 colours, I would say that half are matte and the other half shimmer. Being a shadow novice, I'm most likely to stick with the matte colours and for now the lighter colours. I will eventually branch out and try a look with shimmers and the darker colours. The palette also comes with a Smudge Stick in the colour "Damsel". I've never owned a brown eye liner  but I think this will be lovely for those more natural days, when I still want a bit of liner. 

Pigmentation of these shadows is amazing, the pictures really don't do them justice. The last a long time on the eye, and would last even longer if you used a primer first. Some of the matte colours aren't nearly as pigmented as the shimmery ones but I'm not too fussed. The Smudge Stick, now that is just amazing. It glides on, and boy o boy does it last. It has phenomenal lasting power, so much so that its a little tricky to remove. Its a very dark brown, so if your not usually a fan of brown eye liner you'll probably get on quite well with this.  

The palette also came with a little look book. I love things like this, anything that tells me how and where to put the shadow is a massive plus in my books. It gives you 6 different looks to create yourself, ones that are extremely wearable on a daily basis to those that you may only wear when going out. 
Te palette has a lot of pretty colours, my 3 favourites (just by how they look) are "Kitten", "Luster" and "Night Sky". They look really pretty, but I don't think they would go together very well. 

I'm currently waiting on some Real Techniques eye brushes to be delivered, as soon as they arrive the fun shall begin. I'm going to have quite a bit of fun creating looks with this palette. 

Have you tried this palette? Or are you wanting to try it?

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