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For the longest time I've lusted after the Wet n Wild eye-shadow palettes - be they the trios or the ones with 6 shadows. In the UK we can't get them very easily, the only choice we have is ordering online and paying the crazy shipping fees or visiting the states. I was thrilled during my blog swap with Zoe from The Caribbean Flower when I saw that she had sent me a few Wet n Wild products. One being the shadow trio.
If I'm being totally honest, I didn't really know what the colour options were, but Zoe picked me up the a lovely little neural set. On the back of the compact there is a little step by step guide, showing you the places to apply the shadows to.

 Walking on Eggshells is they type of colours I wear, browns and other neutral colours -when I can be bothered that is. The shadows are contained in a long, skinny compact, which also holds two little applicators - a tiny little brush and a sponge applicator.

Each of the eye-shadows has the word of where to apply them embossed into them - brow bone, crease and eyelid. For an eye-shadow novice like me this is a huge help, as other wise I'd probably just apply the shadow all over my lid.

Brow bone is a very pale, almost gold colour. The brown bone colour is just a tiny shade darker than my skin tone so it is just barely noticeable.  

The crease colour, is a beautiful brown colour that also has gold running through it. It looks a tiny bit shimmery, the colour is lovely and is slightly unusual. 

Eyelid is a gorgeous peachy/pink champagne colour. 

The picture really doesn't do the colours justice
When I swatched these shadows I was really pleased - and a little surprised - as to how pigmented they were. I did find they were quite powdery and some of the product had "fallen" out the pan, slight problem as it landed on my carpet. They are quite long lasting though, and I think with out a primer I could possibly get a good 6 hours wear out of them. With a primer I don't think they would come off until I washed them away. 

If your able to get your hands on this definitely pick it up, your lucky if you can!

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