Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish - Figue Chic

I've had this nail polish for a couple of months now, and I can safely say it is possibly my favourite nail polish. Not just colour wise, as I have a Barry M gel one that is a very similar colour - I love this for the texture, lasting ability and the applicator. Why I don't own more of these is beyond me. And why it took me so long to buy my first one is also a mystery.
The brush is a huge plus point to these polishes, like seriously you only really need one swipe ( maybe two if your being really careful) and you've painted your whole nail. The brush, since its quite short - but very wide - holds the perfect amount of nail polish, no excess polish and no drips. Wonderful.
Colour wise for this, the colour after two coats looks basically the exact same as it does in the bottle. A dark, dusty purple.
Drying time is pretty quick, I wouldn't say that it dries in 1 second like it says on the bottle - but it does dry under a minute, which is pretty quick in comparison to some other brands. I love a nail polish that dries quickly, you can get on with what your wanting to do next, and y'know if you happen to need a pee, you can go without the fear of smudging your nails - it's happened to all of us at least once.
This nail polish is seriously long lasting, this gives a good five or six days before you start to notice chips. If you're like me, then you'll love not having to re-apply or touch up every other day. I'm not the type of girl who likes doing their nails, I like how it looks afterwards but I just can't be bothered painting and waiting for it to dry.

Have you tried these nail polishes? What are your favourites? 


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    1. Ooooh thank you! :) I'll check that out x


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