MAC Rebel Lipstick

Last week (probably not last week by the time this post goes live..)I woke to a tweet from Zoe telling me I had won her 100 subscriber giveaway, where I won a MAC lipstick of my choice. I decided I'd quite like to try Rebel, so went for that one. Since it arrived I have basically been wearing it non stop. I love it so much! I was they type of girl before that couldn't see how people could justify spending so much on a lipstick - but now I'm converted and all I want is more and more of their lipsticks.  
The colour on the bullet looks a lot more of a dark purple, but on my lips it looks more of a deep dark pink. This is a satin finish, but to be honest with you when I use my little lip brush to apply it, then it looks more on the matte side.
This lasts so long on the lips, I only really need to re-apply this once throughout the day and even then I don't really need to. I wore it to University on a day where I was in at 10am - so the lipstick was applied around 9am - and I finished at 5pm, the lipstick wasn't as dark and wasn't nearly as purpley looking but it was still there - it had gone more of a bright pink colour. This lipstick looks good on anyone, and I think I'm able to say this as my mum, aunt, cousin and I all tried this on and it looked good on all of us. And trust me when I say this, we all have a different skin tone - I'm pale and the rest are sort of tanned. I'm sorry I haven't got a post of me wearing this, but I'm sure there will be one on my Instagram somewhere.

I love this lipstick, what are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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