Spending Ban - Final update!

So my 50 day spending ban is now officially over. I've done pretty well I think, and in the last few weeks I haven't spent very much. Over the last few days, I've only spent money on winter running tights. I want to get into running - but the exercise bottoms I have aren't very winter appropriate. I've not bought myself a good pair of trainers yet, but they will be going on my list if I keep at the running.
I've not really had much time to do much shopping recently since straight after University on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go to work - Mondays I don't go into town at all and Thursdays and Fridays I'm to tired to want to go shopping. So yeah, not much shopping has been done.
I did however take advantage of the Boots points event last week, nothing was for me it was all presents - I promise. Theres another event in a week or two so I think I'll be getting more prezzies then as well.

Hope you have a good week!!


  1. Well done on getting through your ban! I did one at the very beginning of the year for 100 days, was difficult! However I haven't bought any makeup for about 3 months now so technically I guess I've done a spending ban haha! xx

    1. I think I might do one after Christmas, it will help so much with saving for a holiday next year! I haven't bought make-up for quite awhile either :)


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