Starting Off: Concealer

Concealer isn't something I tend to use, I just can't really be bothered with it. The only thing I really love concealer wise is the Seventeen Phowarr Paint, oh my.

There are two different types of concealers, under eye concealers and blemish concealers. Under eye concealers are used to hide and try and correct the look of tired looking eyes. Blemish concealers are basically used  just to hide any redness or spots that your foundation just cant manage to hide. I used to apply concealer after my foundation, but after watching videos on YouTube and seeing people put concealer on after I switched my order of application. Applying it afterwards also helps the concealer last slightly longer, especially when you put powder over it.
My favourite concealers are the Collection Lasting Finish for Blemishes and Seventeens Phowarr Paint for under eye circles.
This is a really short post since I cant really get excited about concealer.
Do you love concealer what are you favourites? 

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