Starting Off: Foundation

Foundation. The thing most people start off with when doing their make-up. It's applied all over the face to even out any uneven skin tone and hide away blemishes and other imperfections. Some days your skin might be good enough that you don't require to wear any foundation, in that case lucky you. If you have lovely skin, please don't wear foundation until you absolutely need to, otherwise you could end up making your skin sad. Foundation comes in different types: liquid, cream, gel, moose ect. Each type of foundation tends to suit certain skin types better than others - but that doesn't mean you can't try it out.
When trying to match your self to a foundation take someone with you, for me my mum is the person I take - she is brutally honest so will tell me if it is too dark or too light. Sometimes a friend won't be as honest about the colour as someone like your mum would be. The absolute easiest way to get a really good matching foundation is to go to a beauty counter and ask for their help. They will match your skin ( almost perfectly) and find the right type of foundation for your skin. The down side to this is that the foundations at these counters are usually £20 upwards. And of course if you are buying your very first foundation, you probably wont want to pay that much for a foundation. Brands like Rimmel and Bourjois don't have people specifically to help you find one to suit your skin, so you have to find the colour yourself. I find the best way to do this is - at least this is the best way for me - to put the foundation options on the back of my hand then the best two, I test on my jaw line. Two little stripes side by side will let you see which is the best match for your skin.
Another thing you might want to consider is what type of coverage you want. Sheer, medium or full. I personally like a medium to full coverage, as I have a fair few spots and a little redness. If you have really good skin you'll probably prefer a sheer coverage. Also, depending on how the foundations feel on your skin will depend on what ones you prefer. Some people don't like the feeling of medium to full coverage foundations on their skin. It's really all down to personal preference - and when your just starting out, that unfortunately means trying out lots of different ones and seeing how you get on.
I've tried a few foundations in my time, and currently I own 3 foundations and one BB cream. The most expensive foundation I own being by Benefit, and the cheapest is my Maybelline BB cream. My favourite foundation being by Lord & Berry, oh my days. This is a cream foundation, 50 ml and has a medium build-able coverage. It is also the best natural looking foundation I have ever used.

What is your must have foundation? 


  1. Revlon Colourstay for us oilyer girls is the best!

    livvy x

  2. I wish I didn't have to wear foundation everyday such a pain in the butt, I love benefit but it doesn't do enough coverage for me anymore.. Xxx


    1. I wish the benefit one had more coverage to it - when I first got it it was perfect :(


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