Starting Off: Skincare

I came in a bit late to the Starting Off series, so I'm now starting back at the start to try and finish the entire series. The first one was meant to be Skincare, so that is what I'll do now. I love skincare, and I'm really just beginning to get really into it. Of course everyone has a different skin type, and most of the time what works for one person may not work for another. And obviously you have got to take into account your age, at different ages your skin needs different things - I'm no expert on the different stages of ageing skin, but I think when you get to your mid 20's you have to start treating your skin a bit kinder.
Obviously it is essential to take your make-up off at the end of the day, and I do this every time without fail. If I have been drinking I wont do it as deeply, but I still make sure I take it off before I go to bed. I like knowing that my face is semi clean.
Depending on who you speak to, really will depend on what they say is a really good skin care regime. For me a really solid skincare regime is cleanse - possibly twice, spot treatment and then a really good moisturiser. There are other things you can throw in if you like, things such as toner, serums and other lotions and potions. But for me as a basis, cleanser, spot treatment and moisturiser is what I've got down.
So for the first step, cleanser. I love a good double cleanse, I never thought I would say that, but I am now that type of gal. I like spending time on my skin, and as I have a very oily skin type I really do think I need to spend that extra time on making sure my skin doesn't get any worse than it already is. If you can't be bothered with a double cleanse then thats fine - sometimes I can' be bothered either. On days when I don't want a double cleanse I'll use a facial wash first, then wipe over my face with some toner/micellar water to get any residue. There is many different types of cleansers as well, and I don't think there are specific type for specific skin types. Try things out and see what works for you, just because one type of cleanser is meant for a different skin type to what you have doesn't mean it won't work for you. By this is mean that some people say that cream, gel, foaming, balm ect cleansers are all meant for specific skin types, I think I've tried at least one of all these types. I would say, just don't use a body soap. It's not meant for your face, and it could really dry your skin out. Over the last fw months I've been using up loads of facial washes, Garnier ones, Elemis ones, and now Soap and Glory's peaches and clean. I think soon I'm going to open up my Origins Checks and Balances face wash. The Soap and Glory one is amazing, its so lovely and creamy. And if you skin doesn't agree with foaming cleansers then that one would be perfect for you. Unfortunately facial cleansers are just a case of trial and error to try and find what works for you.
Next for me is spot treatment, I have typical teenage skin so y'know a spot treatment is sort of a must have. I've not yet found the mother of all spot treatments, and just now I've only tried a couple. One I go back to, and I am almost out of it, is the Freederm gel treatment. I have another treatment by nip + fab so I don't think I'll rush out to get the Freederm one when it runs out. Do you have any spot treatments that you would recommend, I'm on the hunt for a new one.
The final daily step is to moisturise. I never used to moisturise, I mean why would I need to my skin is oily?! After a lot of online research I decided to go ahead and buy one - this was quite a few years ago and I've gone through quite a few. Moisturiser is a must have as it makes sure your skin has the proper amount of moisture. You do need to try and find one specifically for your skin type as, if for example I was to go for one designed for dry skin then I would have waaay to moisture and I would look really oily. One way to ensure you get a moisturiser for your skin type is to do some research, bloggers have a huge amount of wisdom to give about stuff like this, you could also go straight to a beauty counter and get some help there. They know - at least they should - all about their products and should be able to find something designed for your skin type, or something that would work with you - even if its not specifically for your skin type. Origins recommended I get GinZing even though its not specifically for oily skin, it is oil free and I really want it so heres hoping it works.
Those are the things I do on a daily basis, both morning and night. You should notice your skin looks better, if after a few weeks something isn't working for you, try something else and see how that goes. You can of course add in other things like face masks and facial scrubs to use once or twice a week.

What do you use in your skin care regime?

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