#TheWinterProject Week 2 | Favourite Winter Accessory

I'm really late with this post, sorry - work and University take prime place over my blog. So this is the second week of The Winter Project, and the topic this week is all about the accessory's we love for the winter time.
I don't ever really wear any jewellery or any other accessory's during the warmer months. The winter months is the only time when I accessories in any way. Scarves, gloves and hats are really the only accessories I will wear in the winter and the only things I've gone out and bought so far is a couple of scarves. The one I love most is the one in the picture. It's long, soft, fluffy and super cosy. It keeps me really warm, and I love it so much - especially now the weather is getting really cold. It's from ASOS and it cost £16 - a little expensive, but y'know I'll wear it everyday and it keeps me really warm. 100% worth every penny.

Sorry that this post is quite short, but I hope you enjoyed anyway 


  1. The jacket matches perfectly with the scarf! The only thing you need now are black biker boots and voila the perfect outfit!:)


    1. If only you could have seen my shoes hahaha Black Velvet biker boots :D


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